Holo X Break: Controls and Some Useful Tips

This guide isn’t just about pressing buttons; it’s about mastering them. While the tutorial might leave you hanging, I’m here to provide a comprehensive breakdown of keyboard controls and pro-level tips that the tutorial glossed over.

Controls for Keyboards

Essential Controls:

  • Movement: Navigate the chaos with the classic ‘WASD’.
  • Attack/Confirm: ‘J’ is your go-to for slashing through enemies.
  • Special Moves & Quitting: ‘K’ lets you unleash special moves or bow out, with a necessary cooldown.
  • The Evasive Roll: Discover the secret ‘L’ key to dodge attacks and gain invincibility frames.
  • Charge & Ultimate Attacks: Hold ‘J’ for a charged attack, ‘K’ for a secondary special, and both for the ultimate move – each requiring precise timing and a full yellow ultimate bar.

Inventory Management:

  • Switch items with ‘U/O’, utilize them with ‘I’, and hold ‘I’ to drop them. Each item boasts its independent cooldown, allowing for strategic use in heated battles.

Weapon Dynamics:

  • Pick up weapons with ‘J’, use them with the same key, and toss them with ‘K’. Remember, wielding a weapon limits your attack options, but a quick roll (‘L’) can drop it instantly for full combat capabilities.

Equipment Handling:

  • Snatch up equipment with ‘K’ and sell what you don’t need to Nodoka for that extra edge.

Menu and Adjustments:

  • Hit ‘Esc’ to open the menu for equipment changes and to delve into the nuances of each item or piece of equipment at your disposal.


Enter “Alt-Enter” to force fullscreen if you start the game in a window, or the game may crash only after a while.


Some Useful Tips

The screenshot belongs to Necrobern

Strategic Insights:

  • Prioritize Attack, Criticals, and HP stats for a balance of offense and durability.
  • Don’t hoard offensive items; use them liberally to clear paths and bosses, keeping healing items for critical moments.
  • Your dodge is your best friend. Utilize it to avoid damage and navigate levels swiftly.
  • Spend your in-game currency wisely on equipment rather than items, and focus on upgrades over enhancements for a steady power increase.
  • Timing is key for your Power and 2nd Ability. Use them strategically to maximize impact.
  • Your 3rd Ability is a game-changer. Don’t hesitate to deploy it for an instant advantage in overwhelming situations.
  • Keep Superchat items handy to heal allies efficiently, prioritizing healers like Yukimin for sustained support.
  • Break barrels for coins but weigh the risk based on your character’s situation and health.

Pro Tips:

  • Baseballs are versatile weapons worth keeping. Their range and impact can turn the tide in many battles.
  • Embrace the dodge roll not just as a defensive maneuver, but as a strategic tool for quick item collection and positioning.
  • Enhance cautiously, upgrade consistently. The RNG of enhancements can be unforgiving, so allocate your funds toward tangible upgrades and maybe a few emotes for that personal flair.
  • Understand the power and timing of your abilities. Charging into a crowd with an unprepared ability can spell disaster, but a well-timed attack can clear the field.
  • Leverage your 3rd Ability wisely. Its potential for clearing enemies and leveling up quickly is immense, especially in dire situations.

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