Hobo Tough Life: A Beginner’s Guide (Getting Your Bearings)

This guide will help you get familiar with the user interface and will give you some helpful tips to get your started. Spoilers will be kept to a minimum so that you can make your own discoveries and enjoy the game. You will not find lists of consumables or quest walkthroughs here.   Quick HUD … Read more

Hobo Tough Life: Quick & Easy Money Guide

Here is a very easy way to make fast money, and make more and more each time you do this !   Ok.. Tell me how to get fast money then… So it turns out that simply begging people for free money is actually kinda broken i know i know “thats your big secret ?? … Read more

Hobo Tough Life: All Satanic Shrines Locations

Here are all satanic shrines locations in Praslav with pictures and map points.   1. The pit, under the viaduct The first one is located in the pit near Miky, behind garages, under the viaduct. Just continue this way… …and you will find it! 2. Near the Fort, in a backyard Just a shy south … Read more