Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S: Solutions to Lv2 Puzzles

Normal Puzzles – Lv2 Solutions, check out this guide to go through all lv 1 puzzles.



All squares filled in except the final one per puzzle.

Lv2 001 – 015

Lv2-001 Rabbit

Lv2-002 Snowman

Lv2-003 Tanzanite

Lv2-004 Tree stump

Lv2-005 Red rose

Lv2-006 Bag

Lv2-007 Microphone

Lv2-008 Steampunk hat

Lv2-009 Sketchbook

Lv2-010 Candles

Lv2-011 Unicorn

Lv2-012 Squeeze bottle

Lv2-013 Saxophone

Lv2-014 Triplet

Lv2-015 Eighth note

Lv2 016 – 030

Lv2-016 Treble clef

Lv2-017 Cap

Lv2-018 Present

Lv2-019 Ema

Lv2-020 Drum

Lv2-021 Queen of the night

Lv2-022 Pumpkins

Lv2-023 Rocket

Lv2-024 Strawberry

Lv2-025 Soccer ball

Lv2-026 Diploma

Lv2-027 Cherry blossom

Lv2-028 Candy

Lv2-029 Wedding ring

Lv2-030 Skirt

Lv2 031 – 045

Lv2-031 Mushroom

Lv2-032 Cupcakes

Lv2-033 Temari

Lv2-034 Octopus wiener

Lv2-035 Pampas grass

Lv2-036 Airplane

Lv2-037 Baseball

Lv2-038 Peridot

Lv2-039 Doll

Lv2-040 Castle

Lv2-041 Hydrangea

Lv2-042 Flower arch

Lv2-043 Chicken

Lv2-044 Tomato

Lv2-045 Music bell

Lv2 046 – 060

Lv2-046 Sun visor

Lv2-047 Plums

Lv2-048 Shooting star

Lv2-049 Bow

Lv2-050 Calligraphy

Lv2-051 Cushion

Lv2-052 Maple leaf

Lv2-053 Valentine’s chocolate

Lv2-054 Champagne

Lv2-055 Violin

Lv2-056 Miku’s headphones

Lv2-057 Lion

Lv2-058 Christmas wreath

Lv2-059 Eyelash curler

Lv2-060 Cocktail

Lv2 061 – 075

Lv2-061 Necklace

Lv2-062 Basketball

Lv2-063 Dog

Lv2-064 Dango

Lv2-065 Water pump pliers

Lv2-066 Donuts

Lv2-067 Witch hat

Lv2-068 Sailor cap

Lv2-069 Star

Lv2-070 School bag

Lv2-071 Oil paper umbrella

Lv2-072 Papillon

Lv2-073 Pom pom

Lv2-074 Boar

Lv2-075 Umbrella

Lv2 076 – 090

Lv2-076 Bats

Lv2-077 Scrunchie

Lv2-078 Scorpio

Lv2-079 Easter eggs

Lv2-080 Sagittarius

Lv2-081 Tennis

Lv2-082 Macaron

Lv2-083 Sunflower

Lv2-084 Monkey

Lv2-085 Leaf

Lv2-086 Santa’s boot

Lv2-087 Mini skirt

Lv2-088 Capricorn

Lv2-089 Miku’s necktie pin

Lv2-090 Earring

Lv2 091 – 105

Lv2-091 Miku’s chain belt

Lv2-092 Canary

Lv2-093 Gemini

Lv2-094 Conch

Lv2-095 Soap bubbles

Lv2-096 Steampunk eyepatch

Lv2-097 Hairpin

Lv2-098 Drink

Lv2-099 Len’s sleeve

Lv2-100 Tambourine

Lv2-101 Blush

Lv2-102 Blue rose

Lv2-103 Button badges

Lv2-104 Morning glory

Lv2-105 Bangle

Lv2 106 – 120

Lv2-106 Bowl

Lv2-107 Bouquet

Lv2-108 Peace sign

Lv2-109 Cancer

Lv2-110 Die

Lv2-111 Polo shift

Lv2-112 Suit

Lv2-113 Palm

Lv2-114 Magatama

Lv2-115 Eclair

Lv2-116 Number

Lv2-117 Coffee maker

Lv2-118 Lavender

Lv2-119 Tracksuit

Lv2-120 Cutlery

Lv2 121 – 135

Lv2-121 Kadomatsu

Lv2-122 Luka’s collar

Lv2-123 Night view

Lv2-124 School backpack

Lv2-125 Pigtails

Lv2-126 Aries

Lv2-127 Japanese drum

Lv2-128 Hamburger

Lv2-129 Mimosa

Lv2-130 Handcuffs

Lv2-131 Whistle

Lv2-132 Necklace

Lv2-133 Kusudama

Lv2-134 OK sign

Lv2-135 Paintbrush

Lv2 136 – 150

Lv2-136 Room lamp

Lv2-137 Crepe

Lv2-138 Loudspeaker

Lv2-139 Japanese pellet drum

Lv2-140 Decorated cookies

Lv2-141 Colored pencils

Lv2-142 Watermelon

Lv2-143 Pisces

Lv2-144 Shamisen

Lv2-145 Picture book

Lv2-146 Heart candy

Lv2-147 Tulip

Lv2-148 School hat

Lv2-149 Poinsettia

Lv2-150 Saber

Thanks to Na for his excellent solutions, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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