Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S: Solutions to Lv1 Puzzles

Normal Puzzles – Lv1 Solutions

If you are finding the Lv2 solutions, please check out this guide.



All squares filled in except the final one per puzzle.

Lv1 001 – 015

Lv1-001 Miku’s hair accessory

Lv1-002 Rin & Len’s headphones

Lv1-003 Luka’s brooch

Lv1-004 MEIKO’s choker

Lv1-005 KAITO’s scarf

Lv1-006 Dove

Lv1-007 Christmas tree

Lv1-008 Keyboard

Lv1-009 Miku’s necktie

Lv1-010 Glass shoe

Lv1-011 Trumpet

Lv1-012 Headset

Lv1-013 Sneaker

Lv1-014 Choker

Lv1-015 Carp streamer

Lv1 016 – 030

Lv1-016 Mochibana

Lv1-017 Balloons

Lv1-018 Paper tags

Lv1-019 Gear

Lv1-020 Mouse

Lv1-021 Rin’s bow

Lv1-022 Heart

Lv1-023 Satellite

Lv1-024 Cake

Lv1-025 Whale shark

Lv1-026 Chair

Lv1-027 Fox mask

Lv1-028 Anemone

Lv1-029 Sweet potato

Lv1-030 Yellow rose

Lv1 031 – 045

Lv1-031 Pirate hat

Lv1-032 Camellia

Lv1-033 Guitar

Lv1-034 Nail polish

Lv1-035 Suitcase

Lv1-036 Horse

Lv1-037 Flower crown

Lv1-038 Silk hat

Lv1-039 Bell

Lv1-040 Folding fan

Lv1-041 Emblem

Lv1-042 Crown

Lv1-043 Bass clef

Lv1-044 Glove

Lv1-045 Bouquet

Thanks to Na for his excellent solutions, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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