Halls of Torment: How to Get Hunter’s Garb

This guide will show you how to get the “Hunter’s Garb” item easily in Halls of Torment. The item is a reward for completing the “Taking Aim” achievement, which requires you to wait for 180 seconds before you start moving in any stage as the Archer.   Disclaimer This is how I personally got the … Read more

Halls of Torment: How to Get 3kk Damage for Any Mastery

Here is a guide on how to obtain 3kk damage for any Mastery in Halls of Torment.   Bare minimum For this to work with certain annoying Masteries like those two: YAK You will have to complete at least 160 Quests for EXP bonus and also have Jade Amulett, which you get for leveling up … Read more