Halls of Torment: How to Get 3kk Damage for Any Mastery

Here is a guide on how to obtain 3kk damage for any Mastery in Halls of Torment.


Bare minimum

For this to work with certain annoying Masteries like those two:


You will have to complete at least 160 Quests for EXP bonus

and also have Jade Amulett, which you get for leveling up 500 times

Map (Forgotten Viaduct)

One and only:

Make sure you completed it at least once, so you have Scroll of Mastery right at the start:


I think character, as well as gear and ability choice is very important for this.
My absolute favourite is Sorceress, following by Archer and then Cleric. It’s pretty much up to you, but I would say Sorc is straight up nobrainer, Archer is second best, while Cleric is good for early, but falls down drastically in late game, in terms of main weapon damage. For this run you need a character who has better offensive stats, like base crit chance and also good range.


This is the gear I did it with, Wooden Ring and Jade Amulett are necessity

while Wind Crown, Copper Ring and Hunting Gloves are good additions, I think those are probably best in slot items, but I’m not sure yet which armor and shoes are best for DPS.


Probably you should do one cursed Mastery at a time, since I did pretty well, and only got Golem Mastery III at 2 minutes left. First try though.

Here’s the list of my favourite and actually busted abilities to help you out on this journey:

You can’t go wrong with those, especially if you unlocked upgrades for them.

Actual strat

Pickup starting Scroll, probably better start with Ability you want Mastery for, then go down towards your second Scroll, pick best possible Ability for smooth clearing, after turn around a go up for the last one. Every scrolls should be min-maxed. Whole point is to move as fast as possible, while clearing and getting exp, never stopping. Also get movement speed every time it pops up.

After that just keep going up and up, until you see line of ghost warriors or whatever. They can’t die and will gladly take all of your damage. But be careful, since depending on your health, it will take few seconds standing in their line for you to die. And obviously, to maintain close contact with them, you should have enough damage to clear all other mobs.

Tips for Clay Golem

Don’t ever pick this:

No rolls, unless you have to, only if there’s nothing else to pick for him and you kinda forced to go with rolls.

Here are better examples:

Just be close to this line and he will punch ghosts and slowly farm up damage, like I said above it took me one try, but it was close, 2 minutes left.

So, good luck!

Thanks to Boy for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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