Halls of Torment: How to Get Hunter’s Garb

This guide will show you how to get the “Hunter’s Garb” item easily in Halls of Torment. The item is a reward for completing the “Taking Aim” achievement, which requires you to wait for 180 seconds before you start moving in any stage as the Archer.



This is how I personally got the achievement, I didn’t have a lot of gold for blessings and I had this specific gear.
My game time is barely 16 hours.

Budget Requirements


You need a total of 22,600 Gold to buy the following Blessings.

  • Revives – Rank 1 (5,000 Gold) – Achievement: Survivor (Kill the Lord for the first time in the Haunted Caverns)
  • Health Capacity – Max Rank (15,000 Gold)
  • Defense – Rank 2 (2,600 Gold)

You need a total of 19,500 Gold to buy the following Equipment.

  • Thornfists (3,000 Gold) – Achievement: Just a Flesh Wound (Get hit a total of 500 times over all attempts.)
  • Necromancer’s Clutch (5,000 Gold) – Achievement: The Skeleton Lord (Defeat the Skeleton Lord)
  • Demonic Bond (5,000 Gold) – Achievement: Flamedancer (Defeat the Flamedancer)
  • Scars of Toil (6,500 Gold) (Probably Optional) – Achievement: Novice Swordsman (Reach level 30)
  • Chain Mail (Free)
  • Plated Boots (Free)


The Achievement

Taking Aim: Wait for 3 minutes before moving for the first time, then move.

The Level

The Haunted Caverns, the first hall of the game which has the weakest enemies.

The Equipment

Since you shouldn’t move for 3 minutes, you will face challenges such as getting swarmed by enemies and getting killed by the first Elite enemy.
Some pieces of gear can help with those problems, your Necromancers Clutch and Demonic Bond will summon imps and skeletons that will move around and kill enemies with ease in close and long range, the Thornfists will instantly deal a critical hit to enemies that hit you and deals a lot of damage to the first Elite enemy, and the Scars of Toil will give you increased damage based on your missing health, increasing your summons, weapon and critical damage.

The Strategy
  1. Select the Archer character which is mandatory for the achievement.
  2. Buy and equip the requirements from the previous list.
  3. Go to the Register of Halls and enter the “Haunted Caverns”.
  4. Turn on or off automatic aim depending in the situation and your judgement.
  5. If you Level Up, select traits that increases your Health & Defense, if none, select a trait that increases your Damage.
  6. After the 27:00 minute mark, move to earn the achievement.


Thanks to cc12_ for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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