Ghost 1.0: How to Fix Controller Freak-Out

When using a non-Xinput controller for the first time on this game, it will often “freak out”, causing random inputs and refusing to accept calibration. This guide will help you manually clear the default mapping, so that you may recalibrate and use your controller of choice.


Locating your “config_sp.cfg”
All configuration for this game is stored in the file config_sp.cfg. For the Steam version, the location of this file changes depending on whether or not Steam Cloud is enabled. If you don’t know, you probably have Cloud enabled. The following information is for Windows users:

If you have Steam Cloud enabled:

Your config_sp.cfg is located in: ..\Steam\userdata\<userID>\463270\remote\

<userID> should correspond with your Steam account’s ID, but can be a different value under certain circumstances. If you have multiple ID folders, the one with the most recent “last modified” date (assuming you are logged into Steam while looking for the folder) is yours.

If you have Steam Cloud disabled:

Your config_sp.cfg is located in: ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Ghost

Editing your “config_sp.cfg”
So, your controller is rebelling against you and you’ve located your .cfg. Good. Now to tear out some offending config lines in such a graphic fashion as to scare your controller straight.

0) If you haven’t already, shut down Ghost.

0.1) Make a backup of your config_sp.cfg, just in case.

1) Open config_sp.cfg in your favorite flavor of text editor. Notepad works, but this wouldn’t be one of my guides if I didn’t shill Notepad++[].

2) Locate the line starting with <padMap_1>.You will see there are 32 padMap lines, followed by a </config>.

3) Delete all 32 padMap lines. Do not delete the </config> at the bottom, or any of the <pad_#> lines above. Just the padMap lines.

4) Save the file and exit your text editor.

5) Launch Ghost and calibrate your controller. Remember, that’s a 360 controller shown, so the first four inputs are the d-pad even though it’s located where the left stick should rightly be.

6) Reassign inputs as needed.

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