Foxhole: The Bulwark’s Breaching Points (Update 41)

This guide simply shows you gaps in the Bulwark with additional details.


The Bulwark protects the Colonial backline. The Colonials take advantage of the wall and attempt to seal all breach points, preventing partisans from crossing the backline. This is a similar tactic Wardens use, but with mountainous chokepoints instead of a wall.

On every region bulwark exist I have personally color coded breach points I believe are easier / harder to breach.

Green: Usually unsealed for the majority of the war.
Yellow: Usually eventually sealed for the war.
Red: Usually always sealed for the war. Often is sealed sooner than later within the war.

Of course the color coded does vary every war. Sometimes vets simply don’t feel like sealing up Bulwark with defenses, then there’s some wars Bulwark is completely sealed.


Starting at the west side, the Bulwark begins at Westgate keep.
Westgate has two breaches in Bulwark, which are usually defended by bunker bases within the war.

Unfortunately for the Colonials Bulwark does not protect the majority of Westgate.

The Heartlands
The Heartlands

The Heartlands as of update 41 is quite reliable. The Bulwark covers the Blemish and the great march highway all the way up to Umbral Wildwood for safe travels. In addition, the Bulwark was moved more up north so the Colonials could get more breathing room in their backline region.

The Heartlands Bulwark breaching points are usually built up, the only way you can avoid contact with AI is by going through the bulwark early war or hope the veterans simply don’t build the breaches up.

Umbral Wildwood
Umbral WIldwood

This region is by far one of the easiest to breach, especially the breach at Amethyst. Most veteran partisans use this route because it’s usually undefended.

Drowned Vale
Drowned Vale

Another popular region partisans like to breach. The Bulwark in the swamp is usually undefended left of Bootnap and in between The Wash and Eastmarch.

Alloid’s Bight
Alloid’s Bight

Alloid’s Bight only has one breaching point, and it’s impossible to pass through due to garrison houses and the amount of defenses that are typically there.

Colonials: Take advantage of Bulwark, seal up those breaches to avoid backline partisans.

Wardens: Typically you’ll want to breach at Umbral Wildwood or Drowned Vale, especially mid-late game vs other breaching points.

By Dire

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