Foxhole: Bulwark’s Breaching Points Update 49

Simplified version of this guide will show you the gaps in the Bulwark with additional details.


Basic Information & Key

The Bulwark is the giant wall colonials have in their midline regions.
This wall is meant to protect them against invaders and partisans. The wall can’t be destroyed or damaged by players.

Throughout the guide I’ll only mention some breaches in detail.

Black: Natural AI is within range.
White: No natural AI within range.

Westgate Bulwark

Breach C Common partisan route. Colonials especially early war rely on gates to protect this sector. Gates are usually left open by players due to laziness.

The Heartlands Bulwark

Breach A is a common place for partisans to pass through early war. It’s common for the Colonials to actually build a bunker base there.

Breach B is hard to build around due to stone walls along the road. Because of this colonials often rely on gates which are usually left open.

Umbral Wildwood Bulwark

Breach H is a route partisans often use. Defenses are very minimal or completely lacking.
Breach: C D E F G usually can be safely used with caution as long as there’s not a bunker base by the red zones.

Drowned Vale Bulwark

Breach E is often used as a partisan route.

Alloid’s Bight Bulwark


Document which breaches are left open and which ones are defended. It’s important to spread this information around so your partisans can utilize these routes quickly and efficiently. One way to do this is to build watch towers along the breached sector or to use communication resources like WUH.

Thanks to Dire for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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