FlipWitch Forbidden Sex Hex: 100% Map with Item Locations (WIP)

This is an entire map with Item locations. Simplified. Map Icons are added in the pictures. This guide will be updated and finished once the final patches roll out.   Witchy Woods Spirit City Ghost Castle Jigoku Hell (Jigoku) Tengoku Heaven Fungal and Slime Since both of these maps are connected in one way or … Read more

FlipWitch Forbidden Sex Hex: Complete Gallery Guide

Got a few missing animations? Don’t know where to go? This guide provides an overview of what to do to get every single animation (and thus upgrade).   Foreword If an interaction doesn’t work, make sure you’re wearing the correct ouftit and/or try being the other gender. 1-12 1: Find the cowgirl’s stolen bell in … Read more

FlipWitch Forbidden Sex Hex: How To Do Big Damage Easily

An easy method to burst down enemy’s with large hp   How to Get the Bomb Ability To even do this strategy, you need to have the bomb. The witches location is were the bomb location is. This does Require the Gender Swap The Strategy The strategy is to always hold down the range attack while … Read more