Firefighting Simulator The Squad: How to Control the AI Properly

This guide will help you to get a better understanding of the possiblities to control and coordinate your AI squad members in Firefighting Simulator – The Squad. The knowledge to control the AI properly will grant you a gameplay advantage in both single player or co-op sessions with AI squad members.   Why I should … Read more

Firefighting Simulator The Squad: How to Get XP Faster

In Firefighting Simulator The Squad game, You get XP by successfully completing a mission. The whole amount of XP depends on how well you did. The faster your travel time, the more XP you get, and the duration you need for a mission, for example, is also linked to XP. This means that in addition … Read more

Firefighting Simulator The Squad Controls (Key Bindings)

Here are full key bindings for Firefighting Simulator The Squad game. if you have any problems, please let me know.   General Action Key Gamepad Interact E Gamepad Face Button Bottom Use Tool Left Mouse Button Gamepad Right Trigger Toggle Flashlight F Gamepad Face Button Right Swap Shoulder View Middle Mouse Button Empty Take Screenshot Alt+F12 … Read more