Firefighting Simulator The Squad: How to Get XP Faster

In Firefighting Simulator The Squad game, You get XP by successfully completing a mission. The whole amount of XP depends on how well you did. The faster your travel time, the more XP you get, and the duration you need for a mission, for example, is also linked to XP. This means that in addition to the general XP that a mission offers and that you can see on the map in the description before the start of the mission, you can also receive further XP through your approach and your individual success. here is a simple guide on how to get XP faster. which mean that you need to finish a mission faster and better.


How can I finish a mission faster?

Your mission is split into two separate parts: The driving and the tasks you have to do upon arrival.

When driving try not to lose any momentum by accidently bumping into NPVs or other objects,  since acceleration takes quite some time. This can easily happen when driving in curves. If you are too fast you will lose control of your vehicle and hit something. Instead of losing all your speed at once it is advantageous to brake and slow down before curves to assure smooth and fast driving.

For the actual mission it is beneficial to know your surroundings well. Try to tie multiple tasks together. Maybe you can cut down the electricity on your way to a victim. When opening a locked door, open every other door you know you will have to go through later on too , so that you do not have to retrieve the pry tool, which would cost you valuable seconds – but be careful: fire will spread through open doors!

Lastly use the AI or play in multiplayer. The workload you have to handle is more manageable with help. Let someone establish supply and attack lines for you, while you are taking care of something else. The AI can transport the victims very efficiently  to the paramedics taking the shortest safe route.

It may be tricky at first (especially for more difficult missions), but eventually with a little bit of practice you will be able to complete your missions fast.


Where can I see how much XP I have?

If you are on the ICM just take a look  at the upper right corner. Here you can see how much XP you have.

Additionally you will see it in the Mission Result Screen after finishing a mission successfully.

Credit to PsychoCow

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