Firefighting Simulator The Squad: How to Fix “Stuttering and FPS Drops” Issue

Firefighting Simulator The Squad is now available on Steam. when you are playing on some missions, you may have a lot of stuttering and your FPS drops a lot too. it is nettlesome for you. here is a simple tutorial on how to fix this issue.


How to Fix “Stuttering and FPS Drops” Issue in Firefighting Simulator The Squad Game?

Lower hardware configurations can lead to sporadic stuttering in the game. If your game often stutters or experiences breaks in the frame rate, then you should set the graphics settings to lower values. You can choose between the settings “Low”, “Medium”, “High” and “Epic” in the settings under the main category “Graphics” for various points. Please note that a very powerful computer is required for the “Epic” setting. If your game stutters, try – as said before – to select a lower quality setting. Some options reduce the burden on specific hardware elements more than on others.

If your game is stuttering, you can try to deactivate the “Global Illumination”, set the “Screen Scale“ to approx. 70 and turn off “Fire Emits Light” in addition to the lower quality level setting. The point “ICM Upsampling” concerns only the Interactive City Map (ICM) and not the missions.

But first try to set everything on “Medium” 🙂

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