Fate/Samurai Remnant: 100% Achievement Guide

Welcome to my 100% Achievement Guide for Fate/Samurai Remnant!



The following achievements (listed somewhat chronologically) are either directly part of the story, or obtained (unmissable) through the course of the story. I’ll list achievements that are not “automatic” in a separate category.


Monster Masher
Defeated a monster for the first time.
Obtained over the course of the story. Unmissable

Unearthly Conflict
Defeated a Servant for the first time.
Obtained over the course of the story. Unmissable

A Blinding Night
Completed the Prologue, “A Blinding Night.”

Chapter 1

Base Building
Renovated the workshop for the first time.

What Sleeps in the Earth
Connected to the leyline for the first time.

A Temporary Alliance
Had a Rogue Servant accompany you for the first time.
Shortly after meeting Rogue Lancer.

Demonic Revelry
Completed Chapter I, “Demonic Revelry.”

Chapter 2

Surging Waves
Completed Chapter II, “Surging Waves.”

Chapter 3

Porridge Provocation
Iori turned into a pig.
Shortly after meeting Circe.

Soul of the Blademaster
Learned all stances.

Hidden Influences
Completed Chapter III, “Hidden Influences.”

Chapter 4

The Gods Stir
Completed Chapter IV, “The Gods Stir.”

Chapter 5

The Deepest Secrets
Attained the pinnacle of Niten Ichiryu.

Divide the Sky
Completed Chapter V, “Divide the Sky.”


Flames of Resentment
Completed the Final Chapter, “Flames of Resentment.”If you choose to Fight Tsuchimikado Yasuhiro after splitting up with Dorothea, you’ll enter into this final chapter.

A Ray of Light
Completed the Final Chapter, “A Ray of Light.”

Entreat the Darkness
Completed the Final Chapter, “Entreat the Darkness.”

NOTE: You can get all endings (and 100% Logbook) in 2 playthroughs if you create the correct save trail. Just make sure you farm enough for Max Workshop if you don’t want to do a 3rd run. For context, I did Todoroki→Fight Tsuchimikado Yasuhiro during my NG run. If you want to do this as well, this is what I suggest for your NG+ save trail:

  1. (NG+) For your Chapter 3 choice, select Kawasaki Daishi.
  2. Create a save for your NG+ choice between Fight Tsuchimikado Yasuhiro and Pursue Assassin.
  3. Select Pursue Assassin
  4. Keep playing until just before the duel with Miyamoto Musashi at the end of Chapter 5. DO NOT step forward. Create a save.
  5. After the duel, you’ll have an option regarding the Waxing Moon Ritual.
    Destroy it / Don’t destroy it
  6. Pick whichever one you want. Play through until you see the ending and get the appropriate achievement, then reload the save you created in Step #4 to pick the other option and see the other ending.
  7. At this point, you’ll have all 3 endings (+achievements), but your Lunar Chronicles in the Completed Story tab won’t be at 100% because something will be missing with Entreat the Darkness. This part is related to the Logbook.
  8. To 100% Entreat the Darkness, you’ll need to see this ending from the perspective of the Fight Tsuchimikado Yasuhiro route. Reload the save you created in Step #1 (still NG+) and select Fight Tsuchimikado Yasuhiro.
  9. Play until you finish the duel with Miyamoto Musashi and select Don’t destroy it to see the other version of Entreat the Darkness with 1 significantly different cutscene. This should get you to 100% Lunar Chronicles.

To help you visualize:

A Journey to Conquer the World
Became Rogue Ruler’s attendant.

Think of this as the joke ending. After you complete the Digression Vassal’s Duty: Foreign Curios, you’ll automatically enter a cutscene and the Boss will present you with an offer to become his attendant. If you accept, the game ends and you’ll get this achievement. Don’t worry because you can hit continue and it will load you back in front of the Boss just before you make the choice. To complete all Digressions, you’ll need to refuse him anyway (this leads to a battle with the man himself).



Think of Digressions as Side Quests. It’s easy to stay on top of them. Each time you progress your Lunar Chronicle, check the left-hand side of the Edo Map to see if there are any available. If not, the area containing the “Digressions List” will be greyed out. Not all Digressions are within town maps. Some are on halfway points marked by the appropriate icon.

This Is My Fight
Completed the Rogue Servant Digressions.

I got this achievement after completing Samson Agonistes. Either it pops after completing that specific Digression or completing all available Rogue Servant Digressions for that specific playthrough.

(Rogue Berserker) Samson Agonistes

  • The Guardian of Yoshiwara
  • Berserker Banquet
  • A Foreign Fighter in Asakusa
  • Samson Agonistes

(Rogue Rider) Tamamo Aria

  • Demands of a Distressed Damsel
  • Keeping Busy
  • Enthralled by Your Radiance
  • The Fox Girl’s Final Challenge

(Rogue Ruler) Boss

  • To Be Shrewd or Regal?
  • Vassal’s Duty: Entering Service
  • Vassal’s Duty: Akasaka Inspection
  • Vassal’s Duty: Merchant Manhunt
  • Vassal’s Duty: Make an Example
  • Vassal’s Duty: Foreign Curios
  • Vassal’s Duty: The Golden King Bars the Way

(Rogue Lance) Cú Chulainn

  • Mutual Enemies
  • A Warrior Fights for Pride

(Rogue Archer) Arjuna

  • Cleaning Up Kanagawa Port
  • What Resides in the Heart

(Rogue Assassin) Li Shuwen

  • The Shadow Assassin, Reprise
  • Those Who Walk, Those Who Watch

Rogue Caster

  • Great Witch’s Suffering
  • Great Witch’s Devotion
  • Great Witch’s Agreement

(Rogue Saber) Kiso Yoshinaka

  • Edged Glint of Morning Light

Behind the Ritual
Completed all Digressions.

This list includes the Digressions previously mentioned above:

(Archer) Zhou Yu

  • To Be Shrewd or Regal?
  • The Battlefield Is for the Dead
  • Steadfast Hearts Shall Overcome

(Other) Tsuchimikado

  • Moving in Secret
  • Writhing in the Moonlight
  • My Brother’s Keeper

Berserker (Miyamoto Musashi)

  • Lady Musashi in the Flower Quarter
  • Leaves Hold Firm against the Wind
  • Know the Fist But Not the Presence
  • Mad Warrior and the Heavenly Flower

(Saber) Yamamoto Takeru

  • The Same Gentle Smile
  • My Beloved

(Lancer) Jeanne d’Arc

  • The Unassailable Fortress
  • The Flames of War Burn On
  • Is This Light Dawn or Dusk?
  • No Sympathy for the Wicked

(Assassin) Koga Saburo

  • A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss
  • With a Staff and a Coin
  • Search for the Source of the Spell
  • Meeting of Two Assassins

Made a formal alliance with all Rogue Servants.

You should obtain this achievement in subsequent playthroughs around the same time as you complete all Rogue Servant Digressions. I got mine after finishing all of Rogue Assassin’s Digressions.



Changed out all Mounting parts.Self-explanatory.
Acquired all MountingsIt’s just a matter of RNG how early you get this. For context, I got all types by Chapter 3.

  1. Celestial Scabbards
  2. Glowing Cloud Scabbards
  3. Lone Wolf Scabbards
  4. Misty Pearl Scabbards
  5. Red and Blue Scabbards
  6. Ruby Daybreak Scabbards
  7. Strewn Stars Scabbards
  8. Thousand Leaves Scabbards
  1. Cloud Dragon Guard
  2. Falling Petals Guard
  3. Gilded Sun Guard
  4. Open Iron Guard
  5. Sea Cucumber Guard
  6. Twinning Tendrils Guard
Handle Wrapping
Handle Decoration
  1. Black Ink Braid
  2. Dazzling Ring
  3. Jasmine Braid
  4. Purple Wrap
  5. Raven Wrap
  6. Red and Blue Braid
  7. Turquoise Braid
  8. White Wrap
  1. Alpha and Omega
  2. Beastly Ferocity
  3. Birds Aloft
  4. Limitless Sky
  5. Pure Moon
  6. Seven Stars
  7. Triumphant Courage

Expert Maintenance
Obtained an “Amazing!” score in Sword Maintenance.

You’ll be introduced to the Sword Maintenance mini-game around the same time you upgrade your base. Simply line up the blue line into the blue area 3/3 times. Using the higher quality materials makes this achievement laughably easy.

Master Craftsman
Carved all types of Buddha statues.

You’ll be introduced to the carving mini-game sometime in Chapter 2. Initially, you can only carve 2 statues. As you get more stances and progress the story, you’ll unlock 3 more options. The final statue—the Senju Kannon, can be created at random when carving any of the elemental statues. Thanks to Himoteph in the comments section for the tip.

Not Bad At All
Sold a Buddha statue at Babyloni-ya.

Shortly after getting acquainted with the carving mini-game, you’ll be able to sell your Buddha statues at Babyloni-ya after completing Digression: Vassal’s Duty: Entering Service.

The (Dis)Grace of Edo
Mediated a conflict for the first time.

You’ll first run into conflicts in Nihonbashi. To correctly predict (and stop) the fight, press the appropriate button (left prompt for the left brawler/right prompt for the right brawler) when you either a) hear one of them shout or b) see one of their fists move. The shouting comes first so you should be fine on that front unless you’re wearing your headphones backward.

Memories of the Strong
Won a Battle Recollection for the first time.

Unlocked during Chapter 3 shortly after you lose control of the Rogue Servants. You need to complete them all because the Workshop Upgrades require Mastery Gems which you get by completing the tiers of these Battle Recollections.

Sorting Later!

I’ll edit this as I play through the game. Please be patient!

Demon Dissector
Defeated a giant monster for the first time.

Giant monsters are tougher than normal enemies that show up as bright purple markers on the map. They’re only available on NG+ and beyond. To minimize the number of times they put up their Shell Guard, you can stun lock them using cheap multi-hit Affinity Moves (Rogue Lancer and Rogue Saber come to mind) while inflicting damage with Iori. You can also unleash all your Valor Strikes and refill at a nearby Wayfarer Landmark. Those completely recharge your Valor Gauge, Affinity Gauge, Summon Meter, and Noble Phantasm(s). You only need one for the achievement, but I defeated them all on NG+ because they seem to add progress to some Edo Commissions.

Legends Made Manifest
Used all Noble Phantasms.


Fine-Furred Friends
Played with cats and dogs 10 times.

There are way more cats and dogs as you proceed through the story, but if you want this one done in the prologue, there are exactly 10 Fine-Furred friends for you to pet in Asakusa.

  • When you initially pet an animal, you can heal up to 30(?)HP. It’s a good idea to save some encounters for future healing.
  • Some Local Trials require you to pet x amounts of cats and dogs (e.g Yoshiwara).
Proof of Strength
Defeated 5,000 enemies.
Hearts Beat as One
Used Affinity Techniques 200 times.
Over Here, Iori!
Got Saber excited 50 times.
Ingenious Stratagem
Gained control of Spirit Fonts 500 times.

Skills, Spells, and Link Strikes

As One Mind
Learned all Link Strikes.

Some Link Strikes are connected to finding all Saber-assisted paths (boats/water platforms).

It’s Not My Calling, But…
Learned all spells.

Some spells are related to completing Digressions and the story. Completing the Rogue Archer, Saber, and Lancer Digressions unlock a Finisher move in Spell-form.

Immersed in Mystery
Learned all of Iori’s skills.

Avatar of War
Learned all of Saber’s skills.


Local Trials and Commissions

You don’t need to complete all the Local Trials and Commissions, but completing as many as you can helps a ton with earning the money and materials required for the Base Building achievement (Max Level Workshop).

Hitting the Streets
Completed a Local Trial for the first time.

An Honorable Living
Completed an Edo Commission for the first time.

Obtained as soon as you turn in any of the available commissions spread across multiple NPCs. Unlike Local Trials, you can get progress on your commissions even before you see what they are.

Food Stalls

Strolling Through the Stalls
Purchased all meals at every food stall.As a general guideline, make sure to clear out Akasaka’s shops/food stalls asap since it becomes inaccessible near the end of Chapter 3. You’ll also have one last chance to explore some locations during the Ray of Light and Flames of Resentment chapters (though I can’t remember if you can explore all areas).

I strongly suggest checking out VertVentus’ Spreadsheet for Fate/Samurai Remnant. It contains useful info such as Workshop upgrade requirements, Monster Drops, Food, etc. For this achievement, check the Food tab. Huge thanks to VertVentus as always for the amazing work!

Max Workshop

Mage’s Domicile
Reached max level with the workshop.Some helpful tips:

  • Complete Edo Commissions for loot rewards.
  • You get a boatload of useful drops from the Leyline mini-game so aim to conquer all cells to maximize your chances for battle/drops (from summoned enemies).
  • To get an idea of what monster drops the item you need, check the Monster Hunting Commissions. The reward for a certain monster usually means that the monster also drops the reward item. (i.e. The Commission reward for Giant Spiders = Monster Spool; Giant Spiders drop Monster Spool)

The All-Knowing (Logbook)

The All-Knowing
Unlocked all entries in the Logbook.

  • Get 100% Lunar Chronicle (Main Menu→Completed Story) – See bullet points under Entreat the Darkness achievement to get this in only 2 playthroughs.
  • Get all Wayfarer Locations and Kawaraban entries.
  • Complete all Digressions throughout the 2+ playthroughs.
  • Don’t ignore any Saber “excite” spots.

Unconfirmed, but probably helpful:

  • Check for new dialogue after reaching every chapter by visiting all locations available to you at any given point in time. An example of this would be checking in on Kanagawa Port the day after you can access it to learn about Gongenyama Castle from an old man.
  • Edo Sayings are mostly related to dialogue which is why it’s good to check whenever new dialogue is available.

If you have any other bits of advice, please let me know and I’ll add them in. I suggest checking out Fuyuki’s Logbook (Full Entries) guide to compare Logbooks and see what you may be missing.



Samurai Remnant
Unlocked all achievements.

Thanks to Jedo for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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