Fashion Police Squad: How to Find Secrets and Defeat the Various Enemies

A simple guide for how to find secrets and defeat the various enemies.


Harder To Get Achievements


Funk NFTs – hit a flying exploding briefcase with the Belt of Justice
Top Rated – get a top rating of 125 points during both sniper sequences
Challenge Accepted – beat the 3 challenge missions
Tens Tens Tens Across The Board – fully complete all missions and challenges
Toilet Is You – flush the three toilets in mission 11
Hole In One – use your belt to knock the ball into the hole near the Ferris Wheels on mission 11
Drive To Succeed – use your belt to score a driving shot near the end of mission 11

Mission 1

* Secret 1 – Baller – to the right of the fenced gate
* Secret 2 – Flashy Brahh – after you meet the bro-scooters, climb over the fence near the limestore

* Dull Suit
Attack with: 2DYE4
Stun with: Belt, Gnomes
* Neon Brah
Attack with: 2DYE4 alt fire, DRIP Cannon
Stun with: Belt, Gnomes

Mission 2

* Secret 1 – Le Epic Gamer – in the first arena take the building edge to the secret past the fence
* Secret 2 – Loose Suit – run along edge near the loose suits and then jump over the fence to the secret
* Secret 3 – Luke Dukem – after the first Deep Coat part, jump over the nearby fence

* Loose Suit
Attack with: Tailormade, DRIP Cannon
Stun with: Belt, Gnomes
* Sagging Pants
Attack with: Belt
Stun with: Gnomes

Mission 3

* Secret 1 – Moogbern – up above the hallway near the Hugo Bauss boss entrance

* Hugo Bauss
Attack with: 2DYE4
Stun with: NONE (AFAIK)

Mission 4

* Secret 1 – Pop dat Colla – building roof to the left of the electrical box
* Secret 2 – Car Mechanic – after the 4 loose suits on a balconey it’s behind a gate to the left
* Secret 3 – Blue Steel – after Secret 2, it’s two lefts to the next secret, on the balconeys

* The Karen
Attack with: Tailormade, Belt
Stun with: Gnomes
* The Tourist
Attack with: Gnomes (2)
Stun with: Belt

Mission 5

* Secret 1 – Street Biter – in gated area with large mocktail and giant watch bounce off awnings upward
* Secret 2 – Turhapuro – in area just before/after red scisscors it’s hidden with the balconeys
* Secret 3 – 2015 – visible on the roof area right after red ribbon gateway

* Tiny Suit
Attack with: Stun with Fabric Grenade, then Tailormade while stunned
Stun with: Belt, Gnomes
* Dull Manager
Attack with: 2DYE4
Stun with: Belt (Full Charge), Gnomes

Mission 6

* Secret 1 – Cowboy – after the DRIP, jump on the subway car roof to a hidden grate
* Secret 2 – Fantasy Casual – in bathroom with the blocked stall, use the bathroom grate to loop around
* Secret 3 – Glam – where you need to walk on the subway car roof, go inside the cars

* The Flamer
Attack with: DRIP Cannon
Stun with: Belt, Gnomes

Mission 7

* Secret 1 – Yer a Wizard! – behind waterfall in first spa arena

* The Flasher
Attack with: 2DYE4 (primary or secondary), DRIP Cannon (if too bright)
Stun with: Gnomes

Mission 8

* Secret 1 – Tingler – hidden behind discolored wall in the primitive shooter virtual level

* The Hacker (Sempai Swagman)
Attack with: DRIP Cannon and 2DYE4 or Tailormade when glitched
Stun with: NONE (AFAIK)

Mission 9

* Secret 1 – The Boulder – covered by soot in the museum
* Secret 2 – Men on Games – go through window by bouncing off higher green awning in 1st bottomless area
* Secret 3 – Captain Sly – bouncing off awning to go to a higher door in 2nd bottomless area
* Secret 4 – Tyrone – in apartment accessible through door in last arena before exit
Glitter barrels will fashionize enemies AND give you health if you’re near it when it goes off

* Mr Spewdos
Attack with: Fabric Grenade with Tailormade AND Gnomes (2)
Stun with: NONE (AFAIK)

Mission 10

The difficulty will spike here.

* CHEESUS secret is in grate near first window you enter into
* Secret 1 – Lazer Skater –
* Secret 2 – Pineapple –
* Secret 3 – Final Fabtasy – Shoot the eyeglass lenses on the 2nd sniper nest to find the final secret

Attack with: DRIP Cannon
Stun with: Gnomes
My tactics with the DJ has changed–once she starts doing her drop beat attack I stun her with a Gnome, this will temporarily “reset” her attacks.

Mission 11 & 12

No new enemies are introduced during these missions.
Mission 11 is more about endurance and Mission 12 is painful, small arenas.

The first cabin you can enter has a grate with 3 swag
* Secret 1 – Tidal Couture – in bathroom opposite Deep Coat behind 3 toilets
* Secret 2 – Spiked – covered in a bedroom suite with enemies just after secret 1
* Secret 3 – Name’s Brown – from door after hitting hole in one on golft course

* Secret 1 – Fashion Prince Sqd – on wall behind you as you walk up staircase (jump up to it to count)
* Secret 2 – I’m Gagaing – hidden behind engine/furnace (visible from ground)
You can find hidden enemies by throwing your gnomes at the snowmen

Mission 13

* Secret 1 – Bizarre – above arena, only reachable as a scooter bro using jet fans to launch up

* Turn Coat
Attack with: Tailormade, DRIP Cannon (Flame Mode), 2DYE4 (Scooter Mode), WARdrobe Launcher (Final Mode)
Stun with: NONE (AFAIK)

Thanks to greentiger for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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