Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed: Alien Overlords The Reality Walkthrough

This guide will tell you exactly where to go for the Alien Overlords: The Reality side quest, as it can be difficult due to the time limits.



This mission has you listening to a radio show and interrupting callers who might expose you.

It has three optional objectives:

  • Use Forget on the [first] caller
  • Use Brain Extract on the [second] caller
  • Kill the last caller

First and Second Callers


First Caller – Soho

The first caller is located in Soho. Shama and the radio host will begin talking, and after a short while, the first caller will dial in to the radio show. As soon as the radio show begins, you can start going over there. You don’t have to wait for the “Find the first caller” objective to appear.

Cross the bridge, go through the buildings, and locate the red phone booth with the first caller. Use Forget on him to get the optional objective.

Here is where that phone booth is:

Second Caller – Parliament

The second caller is located directly in front of the Parliament building. Again, begin moving towards this caller immediately after completing the objective for the first caller. I was able to go from the first to the second caller by following the road, but cutting corners is always good.

Get back on the road to the north of the first caller and head west. Cross the bridge and take your first left in front of the Parliament building.

Here is where the second caller’s phone booth is:

Third Caller

Third Caller – Hyde Park

This caller does not have a time limit. Make your way to Hyde Park and get ready for some chaos. Here, you’ll not only have to destroy the spores as part of the main objective, but you’ll optionally also have to kill the last caller.

Here is where the last caller’s phone booth is:

I recommend killing the last caller first before destroying the spores. Take them out with any method.

To destroy the spores, you’ll have to contend with hordes of humans shooting at you as well as the spores themselves. I found this to be easier by luring the humans away from the spore containers, killing them, and then killing the spores. If the spores mutate into a human, you’ll have to use your anal probe. It’s a bit chaotic, so it’s okay to run away to let your shield charge up.

The mission will finish when you’ve completed destroying all of the spores. Good luck, you can do it!

Thanks to MntBerryCrunch for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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