Everdream Valley: Begginer’s Tips (How to Get Start)

Beginner’s tips for getting started in Everdream Valley



IMPORTANT: Guide will be updated along the time when I can find the time to do so!
Last Update: 06/14 – After Patch 1.2 Release

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General Tips

  • You don’t have to wait all day to sleep and save your game, you can do it whenever you want: Press “Esc” then “Save”.
  • Press the Map Button(M) and when you pull up the map, click on the logs section and here you can see a tutorials tab and this is where you’ll find everything. It’s an amazing feature.
  • Pressing the Shift key on an item in your inventory, is a easy way to store it. You can do this in anywhere on the map. Also, the game has the option to automatically store your items when your inventory is full. In terms of inventory management It’s amazing as you don’t have to return to the farm every time your inventory is full, but it also gives the impression that there’s no good reason to buy an inventory extension from the vendor to expand your inventory slots.
  • It took me a while to realize that but you can choose which quests to track by changing the color of the marker and it will show some circles with that color on the map, indicating the location of each mission you track.
  • But if you changing the mark color to white, its means you don’t want to track anymore:
  • This will affect the quests log as well:
  • I don’t know if it’s a bug, but for now you don’t need holding the basket in your hand as it will automatically pick up items. Just put the basket in your inventory and that’s it.
  • There is no fall damage, So don’t be afraid to falling from a high point on the map.
  • As you should already know, anything you sell to the merchant, he will sell back to you and will even offer you another one after a few days(EXCEPT NAIL). So, this can be an option to get more fruit trees, animal treats, shrubs, bugs, empty milk jugs…Therefore, you can “clone” anything.
  • About nail, be patient! Make sure to follow the quests, and you will unlock them! The first nail, you get from your grandpa after beat him in a fishing competition, after that, you will receive more when you complete the dreams of the alpaca and the pig.
  • You may already know that ducks love slugs, but maybe you don’t know they will only appear during a rainfall. Also, you have to cath them or they will eat your crops
  • After you completed the “Bring Ducks” quest, you will find on the Merchant’s shopping list a Magic Flute. The item has no description as it was recently added in patch 1.2, so you may asking “What is this for”? Well, it has the same function as the whistle but is generally more user-friendly.
    Originally posted by Patch 1.2:

    “Once you play it the animals get charmed by its beautiful sound, and will start following you anywhere! Try it on a group of animals, or make it a private concert for just one furry friend. Oh, and feel free to play it while riding on your horse too!
    The animals will keep on following you, until you play them a song once more. After playing the song again they will stop following you.”

    It’s easy to recognize if the animals are charmed or not, because when they are, you can see the musical notes above your heads:

  • Sometimes it’s hard to see where your animals poop because the grass hides it. So, just look for flies and the poop is nearby.
  • Grandpa told us with the help of compost you will accelerate the growth of plants, but the compost is also used to instantly grow grass. You can see the difference between growing grass and srinking grass when using a compost:
  • If you use your Hoe to dig a spot for you crop but you dont like it, don’t be panic! You can use any seed to undo this, then swing your sword to clean up the mess.
  • Plus, you can use this to create a new crop layouts
  • It’s time for revenge! Did you know you can swing your sword to stun the goose too? Even so, you still won’t have time to use this technique to dig the stone with x, because meanwhile you are at the digging animation, the goose will recover and come at you.
  • On Animals Plate you can check some things:
    1. The total of given animal you have
    2. How many are inside the pen
    3. The affection hearts, how much that animal have a warm affection for you
    4. The % for born a cub
    5. Also, a visual heart effect indicates a breeding in progress

  • You can use the same pen for different animals, just place the corresponding plates inside them.
  • Being a beekeeper isn’t easy, I mean who wants to get stung by bees every time you gather honey? It’s so scared even using the bee smoker. So the tip here is place the hives away from each other and harvest the honey one by one. So that doesn’t happen. Here’s an example:
  • My Layout:
    1. I use fences(2×2) in an X-shaped and put barrels(You can use any other object to do that) at each vertex.
    2. After, I took down the fences and replaced the barrel with the beehive, one by one.
      Note: You don’t need to place the fences, I just made it visually easier to understand. Just place one barrel and use the yellow fence blueprint to measure the distance from this barrel to the next.
    How do I collect honey safely?
    1. Go some distance, stop in front of the beehive, grab your bee smoker and use it as you walk forward to reach the beehive.
    2. When you get close to the hive, you will see the bees moving away because of the smoke, this means it’s safe to collect the honey, so do it.
    3. Then, go back the same way you came, walking in a straight line. In this way, you will ensure that you will not find bees from another hive that is nearby and has not been fumigated.
    4. That’s it, just go to the next hive. Note: When it’s raining, the bees stay inside their hives, and you be able to collect honey without any problems.
  • Did you know you can place the firefly lamps above some objects, like that? Note: Okay, it’s quite a tip, but it’s so cute!

Gameplay Options

  • The game has a “Polite Wolves” gameplay option and that activate funny dialogues when the wolves cath you at the first dream. Plus, they will howl more quietly, and there will be no emission of glowing eyes. It’s ensuring a more relaxed gameplay at night.

    In a dog’s dreams your task is to protect the animals from the wolf’s attack, but if you enabled the “Polite Wolves” you will not be able too see the wolves either and it starts another dialogue with the wolf, which tells you as long as the option is activated, they steal one sheep from you every time!! To my surprise, in the morning, all my sheep are safe! So maybe it’s also bugged?

  • Spoiler tag so as not to spoil your experience 🙂
  • At a dog’s dream:

  • In Patch 1.1 the developers introduce us to a new run toogle option and I like that! Now you can explore the valley at a brisk pace without holding down the sprint button.


  • After completing the mission to Getting the Sheep to the farm, grandma will give you the Sheep Shears to clip their wool. Be careful getting the sheep too far in advance of received this quest, it could mean that they need to sheared too soon and them could end up getting sick because you don’t have the item to clip them.
  • There is a quest for you to find parts to make a scarecrow because there are birds that are stealing your crops but for that, you need a scarf and a pair of gloves. The location says it’s around your house however that’s not entirely accurate. So if you have some trouble like me, see where to find theses items below:
  • Scarf Location:
    Is right in the front of your house by the window:

    Pair of Gloves Location:
    Go southeast of your farm, right where the broken windmill is and you the gloves will be above the stairs:
  • Note: After this point, you’ve unlocked a scarecrow, the dream’s quests begins.
  • Sometimes when you come across to the new area, you see theses bags of seeds and suddenly, a new quest pops up to clean up the trash and sow the seeds. So all you have to do is walking around and pick up some bottles and cans(10 in total) and then sow the seeds you just pick up in this place. Once you get a 100 quantity of the seed spread that will completed the quest.
  • Completing these quests is a way to spawn different species of butterflies in that area, as for each type flower field that exists, it spawns a type of butterfly.
  • In the Preparing for a Birthday quest, you need catch 10 fireflies at night. Keep in mind that fireflies only appear at night, so make sure it’s 8pm or a little bit later. Plus, near the fences at the entrace to your farm, you’ll see them.
  • One of my favorite things is going out to explore, but in case you’re having trouble finding a Water Pump for the Irrigation System quest, here we go:
    Water Pump Location:
    Inside an abandoned farmhouse at old quarry:
  • Electric Motor Location:
    Inside an abandoned house at northwest of your farm:
  • Only after doing the Wild be Honey quest, can you get honey from forest bees, for me, before that, the option to collect the honey never appears, even when I seed the flowers around the wild bees nest.
  • Note:

    Although the quest does not say that, you also find a few sprinklers in the open world:

    Inside and Behind the abandoned house at southeast of your farm:


  • Only after doing the Wild be Honey quest, can you get honey from forest bees, for me, before that, the option to collect the honey never appears, even when I seed the flowers around the wild bees nest.

Resources and Money

At First…

  • Remember however much resources you collect in a day, when you go to your grandpa in the next day, he will give you a corresponding amount of free stuff.
  • Don’t disassemble your farm fence. It’s better to fix them! Consumes less resources than create a new one to replace the broken fences.
Create a new fence = some amount of woods + boards.
Fix a broken fence = only some amount of woods.
  • The plentiful valley berries make for a cheap stamina restoring, so exploit that! Also, use your shovel and dig out the berry bushes you find around the map, and place them on your farm. Is easy to collect them, just walk near the bushes with the basket in your inventory and afterwards, you can sell them to start making a money in early game. I wouldn’t recommend you do this with fruit trees, for 3 reasons:
    1. You spend a lot of stamina kicking each tree for pick up the fruits.
    2. Fruits are cheaper than berries.
    3. It’s also time consuming, but it’s your choice.
  • It is advisable to accumulate more energy bars as early as possible, so for this you can use your starting crops to cook a Ratattouille with 2 tomatoes, 1 eggplant, 1 carrot and 1 red bell pepper. Note: the description of this recipe could not be more accurate because, every time you eating a Ratatouille, a rat appears. Glad whiskers can help us with that 🙂
  • If you like cooking, you should making money with Shakshuka(Eggs x2, Tomatoes x2), the profit is $2.259,60 each. In patch 1.2 this recipe has been tweaked and is only value 291 gold for now. So, the best recipe actually is Cheese (Bottle of Cream x2), the profit is $543.20 each.
  • If you find some special butterflies, catch them and keep them because you can use that later for complete the merchant’s quest and lowers his prices.
  • Everdream Valley is a cozy and relaxing game! So, do not forget that you can sell animals if it becomes overwhelming to take care of them. Chickens and Ducks seem to be best to sell as there production is high.
  • I planted all the plants (Carrot, Tomatoes, Pumpkin, Corn, Cabagge, Eggplant, Radish, Strawberries, Peas and Red bell pepper) that I found in the first five days of the game and use the compost to fertilize them. Next day, everything is ready to harvest! Therefore, it not only accelerates growth and indeed allows you to instantly harvest the plants after sleep.
  • Catching Frogs is kind of tought but the trick here is not get too close to the frog. When you slowly approach it, the option to catch it appears at the bottom of the screen. So, press the F button and you will jump on the frog and he’s yours! You don’t need use the net to do this, just use your hands.
  • The Shaver’s description says: ” Automated sheep shearing tool” but that doesn’t means that you can skip the shearing minigame. It allows you to hold your mouse button while you clipping the wool instead of clicking to do so while using a Shears. You should test which one you prefer before spending money buying a Shaver. So, save your game, buy it, shear a sheep and if you don’t like to holding the button, just reload your game. Note: Added in Patch 1.1 the option to shear instantly. So, if you prefer use this method, it doesn’t matter what tool you use, because you always collect 1 wool and skip the mini-game.
  • Do not sell the empty bottles you find around your farm. I thought… “it’s junk, right?” NO! First, fill them with water. If you do this, you’ll obtain a “Bottle of Water” and this item is more expensive to sell. Plus, you can save them for later, to use in many cooking recipe’s or even watering your crops.

Thanks to Allmi for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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