Everdream Valley: 100% Achievement Guide

In this guide, I’ll tell you how to unlock all the achievements and show you where to find all the 30 butterflies.



Welcome to my guide for Everdream Valley. I’ll explain how to unlock all the achievements and where you can find the 30 different butterflies which are needed for the only challenging achievement “butterfly hunter”.

None of the achievements are missable, so feel free to play through the game without a guide. However, one achievement seems currently unobtainable. I’ll update this guide once I hear more about it.

How to…?

Wondering how to find fireflies or make planks? Maybe you’re unsure how to cover a plot you made by mistake? I made a bunch of “How to…” videos which you can find in the following playlist:

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Little lumberjack
Cut down 5 trees.
Chop down 5 trees in total. Keep in mind that if you cut it down totally, it won’t regrow.Super Lumberjack
Cut down 30 trees.
See the achievement above.Feline buddy
Play with the cat until it reaches the maximum level.
You have to play the mini-game with the cat 3 times. You can find the cat toy on a stone close to the farm.

Dog trainer
Train your dog to the maximum level.
Find a stick (chop down a shrub for a stick) and throw it for the dog so he can return it. do this a few times and you’re dog will be level 3.

Mother hen
Raise a chicken.
Get an incubator and put an egg into it. This is story related as it will be a quest line.

Chicken collector
Raise 20 chickens.
This achievement might take a while. I got 3 incubators at the end of the game, just to speed the process up a bit.

Little chef
Prepare 5 dishes.
You’ll make way more than 5 (or 30) dishes during the game, as they will increase your stamina. But this is a good moment to tell you my favorite recipes which you will get later on in the story but can already make quite early on:
Fruit Salad
Strawberry x1
Raspberries x1
Blackberry x1
Gooseberry x1
Cherry x1

And another one that is also not bad for early on in the game:
Scrambled Eggs with chanterelles:
-Eggs x2
-chanterelle x5

Master chef
Prepare 30 dishes.
See the info above, but with the amount of bee stings you’ll get which deletes part of your stamina forever, you’ll make far more than 30 dishes.

Go through one dream mission.
Story-related, cannot be missed.

Go through 10 dream missions.
Story-related, cannot be missed.

Little farmer
Harvest crops from 50 plants.
See the achievement below.

Harvest crops from 300 plants.
You can plant crops on your farm, harvest those 300 times. In my opinion, one of the most important ones will be the strawberries because you need those for the “Fruit Salad” recipes. To grow crops at your farm, insert the fruit/vegetable in the ground and it will grow a new one.

Little fisherman
Catch 5 fish.
See the achievement below.

Super fisherman
Catch 30 fish.
Somewhere in the story, you’ll find a lonely/sick alpaca. Just close to there is your grandpa and he will challenge you in a fishing game. After that, you can fish in that area, but it is much faster to keep restarting that challenge.

Treasure hunter
Find 3 magpie nests.
Follow a magpie that has something shiny in his mouth, to be able to destroy the nest he has to leave the shiny thing in the nest. If you find a nest but can’t destroy it yet, wait on a bit of a distance till the magpie returns and leave something precious behind.

Raise one young animal.
Have a male and female animal in the same pen to get a young animal.Master breeder
Raise 20 young animals.
See the achievement above, this will happen over time.

Mushroom Master
Collect 100 mushrooms.
You can find them in a lot of places on the island. If you walk over them while you have the basket you automatically collect them, just run over them.

Animal Friend
Pet 5 animals.
See the achievement below.

Petter Parker
Pet 30 animals.
You’ll pet a lot of animals during the story, so I think you’ll already have completed this one before the end of the game.

Zoo director
Collect all species of animals on the farm.
Story-related, cannot be missed.

Butterfly hunter
Catch 30 butterflies.
This is the most challenging achievement in-game, as for this it has to be all the 30 different butterflies. See the info in the next paragraphs for more info. You can see in the butterfly atlas which butterflies you have found and which you haven’t found yet.

List of butterflies and their location

It seems the butterflies can change depending on the time of day, but maybe also with the weather? Not sure about that. The list below will just contain the names and a global idea of where you can find them.

Someone from the publisher I was talking to to find the missing butterfly asked me to not reveal too much of the map so it is a mystery for new players. I choose to use the following map, as for people further into the story they got a good idea of where to search for each butterfly but it doesn’t show everything for new players.

Butterflies in each area
Main area
Lasiommate Maera
High Brown Fritillary
Lemon Leaf
Northern Chequered Skipper
Lesser Purple Emporer
Red Admiral
Common Blue

Area A
Asian Swallowtail
The Hungarian Glider
Peacock Butterfly

Area B
Marsh Fritillary
Clouded Apollo

Area C
Cabbage White
The Hermit
The Great Banded Grayling
Painted Lady
Blue Oakleaf
Rhetus Periander

Area D
The Mourning Cloak
Scare Swallowtail
Small Tortoiseshell
Silver-Washed Fritillary
The Old World Shallowtail
Holly Blue
Emporer Butterfly
Euphaedra Janetta

Area E
Crowned Hairstreak
Gold Kaiser-i-hind (Only in the evening)

An area that is not yet in the game
Purple Emporer

Thanks to missiloon for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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