Espresso Tycoon: All Missions List

[SPOILERS] This guide lists all of the missions and their details.   All Missions List 1st – Cape Town Time: Unlimited Sell 5 coffees 2nd – New York Time: Unlimited Have: Guitar Get Rating of 30 Have: Guitar Amplifier Have Barista with skill [Coffee] on minimum level: Fine 3rd – Sao Paulo Time: Unlimited Sell … Read more

Espresso Tycoon: 100% Achievement Guide

List of achievements and instructions that show how to unlock those achievements. Note: this guide is under construction and will be updated in near future!   Achievements – Campaign Exclusive Cape Town Mission Completed (Campaign) Complete the first mission in the campaign New York Mission Completed (Campaign) Complete the second mission in the campaign Sao … Read more

Espresso Tycoon: How to Customize Your Latte Art

This guide explains how to prepare and use your own png image as a custom latte art.   Preparation Prepare Latte Art To begin with if you haven’t already done so, you need to prepare one “Custom Latte Art” and save the game. It can be any pattern or even completely empty, we just want … Read more