Empire of Ember Gameplay Tips (Early Access Version)

Some simple game play tips that might be helpful.

Since this is EA things may change, but these are some things I have noticed at first glance that my first play thru knowing might have helped me.


Healing During missions not possible by player means.

There are some items I have found during missions that will provide healing. but only one such way I have found was a bed that provided rest like at the wizards tower.

This means that to stay out on missions and do fighting you must do all you can to avoid taking damage since you will not be able to heal till you return, and worse if you return and you are under siege you will have to fight with what ever health you might have.

So consider ranged weapons as your main goal.

Mana burn
When casting spells during a mission you will get mana burn. This means as an example you have 100 max mana, you use a spell you gain mana burn and this results in a decrease of mana you will recharge up to for the remainder of the mission.

The net result is using alot of weaker spells will make it so you can not use spells that use more mana, So even if you can cast a spell such as necromancy as this spell you can only use so many times during a mission, if you have no max mana to cast it you will not be able to cast it.

Something to consider when using spells during a mission.

Each game day the enemies you will encounter grow stronger.

When you leave your base till will still pass so you have to be aware of this as you move around.

I have not checked to see how many hexes you can move per day, or if a battle counts as several hex moves in relation to the number of actions you can take per day since this is EA it may change.

On other thing I have not checked is the normal bonus you gain doing alchemy for research if you own the library , do you gain this when you are away or is the only option to gain research then to buy books?

Something to consider how the game progresses and is this a good or bad thing is yet to be seen.

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