Embr: Achievement Guide

Here is a brief guide to Embr achievements. free feel to add more at the end of the comment.

Mission Based
A New Career
Complete the tutorial. Simply Finish the first mission

Achieve a 2 flame rating from a client, Rescue the minimum users, let the rest perish, then leave.

Alternatively collect 1/2 then jump from a high place.

Back for More
Each mission has an additional bonus mission that has different requests, these can be save an item, save the house etc. accomplish that mission and save all users and you should get a 6th flame.

Collect 48 flames that opens the first boss level, simply beat the level to unlock (Maple St. Warehouse)

Lights Out
Easily done on the 1st level after the tutorial (1st Avenue), on the bottom floor, in the back room coverd by the gas, grab the fan then you will need a ladder, simply press E on the fuse box (pictured)

Money Based
Side Hustle
This can be done on most levels, simply put $500 worth of items into the yellow user rescue zone.

Holla Holla
Steal $5000 worth of good from clients, to do this place any item of value into the trunk of your vehicle.

Item Based
I’m a Freakin Blur Here
Buy and equip the Basketball hat and E Uni jacket. once selected onto a loadout start any level.

The Jacket will set you back $700
The baseball cap $2000

Diamond Respondr
Buy every tool and upgrade available, you will need to save up $$$

Fresh Out of the Shop
Slightly easier to get, you need all car upgrades, this will set you back $11,100.00

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