Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance: Tips & Tricks (Playing Fast)

Here are some tips and tricks for you to go through the game quickly.


Tips & Tricks
1. Just run past enemies. The game doesn’t force you to fight enemies unless it’s a mission objective, the XP you get is terrible from fighting and they’re all slow.

2. Archer is amazing for sniping all the red crystal clusters. Super speed run character. (if you shoot them you get crystals, I guess)

3. Locking on characters bypasses range restrictions for the archer and gets through the generally shoddy PC controls.

4. If you want to grind, pick a level that doesn’t force you to fight enemies and rush straight to the boss. The mission drops are better than the level drops anyway.

5. Focus on XP and good drops, nothing else really matters. Money and crystals are both easy as heck to come by.

6. Find a combo that allows you to dodge, spam attack and just destroy everything without getting damaged.

  • For the archer, I found that locking on, pressing c to dodge in a circle, and constantly right clicking (or ctrl right click) demolished every single boss. I got to the point where I can solo the first three levels and their bosses in less than a minute.
  • Also for ranged attacks, you can snipe enemies without them getting close enough to hit you. For some characters, they’ll just keep talking while you kill them without being alerted.
  • The archer is OP.

Thanks to [CFC-CO] DeltaNutmeg for his great tips and tricks to play fast. all credit to his effort. you can also check out the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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