DiRT Rally 2.0: Recommended Dualshock IV Settings

Welcome to the ultimate guide for setting up your Dualshock IV controller to dominate the rugged terrains of DiRT Rally 2.0 on Windows. This guide is crafted with insights from a decade of experience across the DIRT series, aiming to transform your gameplay into a seamless rally racing adventure.


Detailed Fixes:

  1. Analog Stick Mastery: The golden rule – never lift your finger from the analog stick. Precision is your ally, and constant control ensures you’re always ready to tackle the next turn or adjust your trajectory on the fly.
  2. Viewpoint Strategy: Immersion is key. Ditch the 3D person view and opt for the more realistic first-person perspectives. Whether it’s the bonnet, hood, or behind the dash panel, choosing the right viewpoint can drastically enhance your control and immersion in the game.
  3. Performance is Paramount: Ensure your setup can maintain a stable 70fps. Smooth gameplay isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s crucial for responsiveness and overall control precision in high-speed races.


In-Game Settings Adjustment:

The settings provided here are the result of meticulous testing on various terrains within DiRT Rally 2.0. They are designed to offer you not just smooth, but intuitively responsive control over your vehicle:

Screenshot credit to SHADOW from Steam Community

  • Sensitivity Settings: Adjust to a level that allows for smooth yet responsive turns, avoiding overcorrection.
  • Deadzone Optimization: Fine-tune the deadzone settings to ensure your slightest movements are captured, enhancing your control over the vehicle’s direction.
  • Feedback Settings: Calibrate force feedback to a comfortable level that provides realistic resistance without overwhelming your senses, allowing you to feel every bump, turn, and terrain change.



This guide isn’t just a set of instructions; it’s a new lens through which to experience DiRT Rally 2.0. With these settings, your Dualshock IV controller becomes an extension of your will, translating your decisions into precise movements on the screen. Dive into the game with these settings, and you may find yourself rediscovering DiRT Rally 2.0, just as I did after years of play. Here’s to your success on the tracks, and may you find the perfect balance between control, speed, and thrill.

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