American Truck Simulator: Cheat Codes & How to Enable [2024]

Embark on a seamless journey through the scenic routes of American Truck Simulator without the need to pause your adventure for cheat codes. This comprehensive guide consolidates essential cheats to enhance your gaming experience, ensuring smooth sailing across the virtual roads of America.


Enabling the Console:

Screenshot credit to Pikamon from Steam Community

  1. Accessing the Console:
    • Navigate to My Computer\Documents\American Truck Simulator.
    • Open the “config” file with a text editor.
    • Locate the lines uset g_developer and uset g_console.
  2. Activating Developer Mode:
    • Change the values from “0” to “1” for both lines. This action unlocks the developer mode and the console, setting the stage for cheat code entry.
  3. In-Game Console Use:
    • With the settings adjusted, launch the game. Press the tilde “~” key to bring up the console, your gateway to the cheats.


All Cheat Codes:

All cheat codes work for the latest game v1.49

  1. Time and Weather Manipulation:
    • g_set_time [number]: Alter the in-game time. For instance, g_set_time 1 for night, and g_set_time 12 for daytime.
    • g_set_weather [number]: Change weather conditions. Use g_set_weather 1 for rain, and g_set_weather 0 for clear skies.
  2. Teleportation Tricks:
    • goto [city name]: Instantly teleport to any city, like goto Stock for Stockton. Partial city names in English suffice.
  3. Free Camera Flexibility:
    • Activate with the “0” key. Use “F9” or “CTRL + F9” (post ATS v1.41) for teleportation. Adjust the free camera speed with g_flyspeed [number].
  4. Traffic and Fines:
    • g_traffic [0-10]: Control traffic density from none (0) to maximum (10).
    • g_police [0 or 1]: Toggle police fines on (1) or off (0).
  5. Game Process:
    • warp [0-100]: Adjust game speed, from a standstill (0) to hyper-speed (100).
    • g_show_game_elements [0-1] and g_save_indicator [0-1]: Manage in-game labels and save indicators.
    • Customizations like uset r_steering_wheel [0-1] for the steering wheel visibility, and sound adjustments through s_wheel_noise and s_interior_volume.
  6. Miscellaneous Tweaks:
    • g_fps [0-1]: Display FPS.
    • f_fullscreen [0-1] and r_vsync [0-1]: Control screen and synchronization settings.



This cheat code guide for American Truck Simulator is designed to elevate your gaming experience, making it more enjoyable and less interruptive. With these cheats, you’re equipped to tailor your gameplay to your preferences, whether it’s exploring cities in a flash, controlling the elements, or cruising through traffic-free roads. Remember, the journey is as significant as the destination. Happy trucking!

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