Detroit Become Human: How to Fix Game Visual Freeze

Been waiting for this game to released in Steam, but have some Bugs that really irritating.
Sometimes the Game Visual Freeze / cannot start Due to Vulcan 1.1 Driver, even with beefy computer. Update all driver and install Vulkan wouldnt help at all.

To Fix this Bug:
1) First time set up Bug (Error Vulcan 1.1 not copatible / can’t start game)
> Go to Device Manager
> Display Manager
> Turn Off integrated graphics (Mine have Amd RX Vega 10 & RTX 2060, so im Disabling RX Vega) NOTE: before disable, disconnect secondary monitor
> It will run the game
> If the game runs, wait until its finished downloading the shaders ingame
> You can switch on the integrated graphic back.

2) Error Freeze Visual every 10 min
> Go to Settings In-Game
> Set Graphic to anything you desire according to your Specs
> The Most IMPORTANT is Vysnc, Disable the Vsync at any cost. it cause the freeze randomly
> Start the game, ill will run properly.

3) Game is very Slow
> Despite your specs, the game running so slow
> open steam folder > steamapps > common > Detroit
> Find “ShaderCache” folder
> delete (VkPipelineCache.bak and VkPipelineCache.bin) files, then relaunch the Game

By Animenz°

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