Desynced: Basics Guide (Logic, Behaviors and Automation)

Guide to basics of Desynced, with focus on Automation, Logic and Behavior controllers.


Temporary Guide [until 16th August]

Unit and buildings basics:

Basic signals and basic logic:

Basic mining setup:

Advanced remote mining setup:

Point to point transport tutorial:

Note on WIP

Current version was recorded primarily during pre-release phase of the game, changes happened, and videos will be updated step-by-step with accompanying text versions.

The guide will ultimately include the following topics:

  • UI Basics – the option of dragging items, clicking and moving it, dropping it onto units in the world… mousing over items, tooltips, right click context menus, click on the portrait to jump to camera, shortcut keys (ctrl-1 to set, unselect everything, press 1, to select it, press 1 again to jump camera to it)
  • Units, buildings and components (difference between buildings and units, or rather how little there is, basic component replacement and basic L/M/S/I slots]
  • Slots locking and basic logistics network
  • Register basics [note visual, goto and storage registers specifically, show use of transporter, and note the Robotics facility Rally Point function]
  • Portable radar – filters and basic use – “Roomba”
  • Simple and limited miner setup with no signals and slots locking
  • Signal basics [Signal reader, automatic assignment of ore for mining]
  • Generalized miner setup [mine commander’s ore], and automatic construction/supply request (portable radar construction component automation)
  • Basic behaviors – how they work, and what can be done – Point to Point Transport as example
  • Intermediate behaviors – Behavior supplemented mining team, with most variables exposed. –
  • Hauler modification to automatically know what to transport and from what. Commander that does not facehug, power supply that does not facehug commander. Miner that does not hug’ commander.
  • Advanced Signals – Anatomy of a signal and how to use it.
  • Advanced Signals – Behavior assisted signal system, or how to send multiple pieces of data using single signal register
  • Advanced Signals – Data multiplexing – or ‘how to fit more data into a single signal value’ (example – [KIL]Mining Team Commander’s bot request, mined ore, detected enemy, energy efficiency across last day, time waiting for hauler when full, time waiting for any resources in storage system)
  • Drones and their uses
  • Re-simulation
  • Energy and optimization
  • Exploration basics – why is it beneficial, how to prepare bots for it
  • Combat – “We too want to be spaceship troopers reenactors” – how to fight bugs – basics.

Thanks to Almaravarion for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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