Death’s Door: All Pots Locations

Locations of all pots in Death’s Door with screenshots.   Pots Cemetery (1-4) Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4 Pots Estate (5-22) Pot 5 Pot 6 Pot 7 Pot 8 Pot 9 Pot 10 Pot 11 Pot 12 Pot 13 Pot 14 Pot 15 Pot 16 Pot 17 Pot 18 Pot 19 Pot … Read more

Death’s Door: All Seeds Locations

Locations of all Seeds in Death’s Door with screenshots.   Seeds Cemetery (1-4) Seed 1 Seed 2 Seed 3 Seed 4 Seeds Estate (5-20) Seed 5 Seed 6 Seed 7 Seed 8 Seed 9 Seed 10 Seed 11 Seed 12 Seed 13 Seed 14 Seed 15 Seed 16 Seed 17 Seed 18 Seed 19 Seed … Read more

Death’s Door: All Shinies Locations

Locations and screenshots of all Shiny Objects in Death’s Door.   Old Engagement Ring Found in the Ceramic Mansion’s western wing, above the ballroom. Old Compass Found beneath the Lost Cemetery after obtaining Fireball. Burn the webs in the alcove next to the Door and travel through the bug-infested catacombs. Incense Found on the roof … Read more

Death’s Door: All Shrines, Weapons, and Upgrades Locations

Locations of all Shrines, Weapons, and Magic Upgrades in Death’s Door with screenshots.   Shrines Listed in chronological order. Lost Cemetery Shrine 1 Walk behind this tower wall and the camera will swing around revealing a path. Urn Witch Estate Shrine 1 In the Northwest garden, enter the hole in the hedge walls to travel … Read more