DAVE THE DIVER: How to Get Through SeaBlue’s Base

There are spoliers ahead about SeaBlue, be warned!

I’m making this as I failed this about 100 times and wanted to be sure none of you experience the same as me.


First Level

So you’ll start out here, just get to it and crouch.

Just wait for him to show up, once he turns around, wait for him to get just a little bit away and jump over.

There should be nothing else other then to just climb up the ladder.

Second Level

After the ladder up, you’ll get to this security camera. Just wait for the camera to shine to the left and hide behind the boxes.

Then when it shines to the right, skedaddle on over to the left.

You’ll get to this box, wait for the dude to come and go after he turns the other way and run to the ladder.
Once you get to the ladder, make sure you DO NOT go up to the third level yet, sit at the tippy top of the ladder for another dude to come by.
Once he goes to the right, follow behind him and hide in the freezer, wait for him to stop and sit there for a split second to minimize the time in the freezer.

Once he passes, run to these boxes, but be cautious of the security camera. Don’t worry about the dude, he can’t see you behind the boxes.

Do not use this last freezer, it is a lie. Just wait for the dude to walk the other way and follow him all the way to the ladder to the third floor.

Third Level

Do not hide behind this box to wait for a dude to show up, there isn’t one, I know.

Just go all the way to the left to get to the end.

Be sure to taste the military ration for a hidden achievement!

Thanks to Calvin for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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