Darkest Dungeon II: Discard Guide (Items Tier List)

Behold, wayfarer! Before you stretches an abyss of indeterminable depths – an ethereal landscape filled with eldritch horrors and labyrinthine quandaries. This is the unhallowed world of the Darkest Dungeon. The specter of uncertainty haunts each step, and the weight of indecision clings to you like an insatiable wraith. Yet, herein lies your salvation, a … Read more

Darkest Dungeon II: Comprehensive Stagecoach Equipment & Pet Tier Guide

This guide, whispered to us by the very shadows that writhe in the game’s unfathomable depths, reveals secrets that twist the fabric of your understanding, equipping you with the arcane knowledge to harness the potency of hidden power. Every artifact, every creature, is meticulously scrutinized, their esoteric attributes unveiled for the erudite adventurer. From the … Read more

Darkest Dungeon II: All Team Composition Names

All possible names to come up with various team compositions.   Names Scraped from the files and formatted by hand, so pardon any mistakes I may have made. (and let me know so I can fix them.) PD/GR/HWM/MAA = The Unusual Suspects GR/PD/HWM/MAA = Standard Flip PD/HWM/GR/MAA = The Shuffle HWM/PD/GR/MAA = Backstabbers GR/HWM/PD/MAA = … Read more