Darkest Dungeon II: Comprehensive Stagecoach Equipment & Pet Tier Guide

This guide, whispered to us by the very shadows that writhe in the game’s unfathomable depths, reveals secrets that twist the fabric of your understanding, equipping you with the arcane knowledge to harness the potency of hidden power.

Every artifact, every creature, is meticulously scrutinized, their esoteric attributes unveiled for the erudite adventurer. From the prosaic to the profound, each item is dissected and categorized within an inscrutable hierarchy, illuminated by our ephemeral lantern of wisdom. Navigate this tumultuous tempest of cosmic horror with newfound clarity, embracing the cryptic chaos as a familiar friend.


Utility & Exploration

These items were ranked based on their potential to improve travel efficiency and team cohesion. Items that increase scouting, such as the Telescope and Crow’s Nest, were ranked highly due to their ability to reveal valuable information about upcoming locations. Relationship improvement items like the Tea Service and Leaf Suspension can significantly impact your heroes’ combat effectiveness through positive interactions, so they are also highly ranked. Stress reduction and flame conservation items, like Iron Brazier and Windchime, were considered less generally beneficial but still valuable in specific circumstances.

  • Telescope – +20% Location Scouting
  • Crow’s Nest – +15% Location Scouting
  • Tea Service – +6% Positive Relationship Chance
  • Leaf Suspension – +4% Positive Relationship Chance
  • Iron Brazier – -33% Traveling Flame Drain
  • Windchime – -1 Stress for Random Hero After Each Location

Item Generation

This ranking is largely based on the potential usefulness and versatility of the items generated. Alembic and Retort, which can produce versatile Concoctions and Powders, is considered top-tier due to the potential for healing, stress relief, and combat effects. Other items were ranked based on the type of items they generate, with those generating health and stress-relieving items generally considered more beneficial.

  • Alembic and Retort – Chance to Produce Concoctions and Powders Items Before Each Location
  • Mortar And Pestle – Chance to Produce Poultices Items Before Each Location
  • Chirurgeon’s Mixing Kit – Chance to Produce Restorative Items Before Each Location
  • Tinker’s Bench – Chance to Produce Contraptions Items Before Each Location
  • Stew Pot – Chance to Produce Invigorating Stew Items Before Each Location
  • Trapmaker’s Kit – Chance to Produce Traps Items Before Each Location
  • Pot and Still – Chance to Produce Whiskey Items Before Each Location
  • Griddle – Chance to Produce Flapjacks Before Each Location
  • Worktable Loom – Chance to Produce Woven Items Before Each Location

Stacking Increase

Items were ranked here based on the type of items they affect and their general usefulness. The Bottle Case, which increases stacking for a variety of useful combat items like powders, was considered the best. Meanwhile, the Medicine Chest, which affects bandages, antivenom, and burn salve, is still very useful but ranked lower as these items might be less frequently used than the powders.

  • Bottle Case – Increases Stacking for Ablative Powders, Clotting Powders, Neutralizing Powders, Shimmering Powder and Laudanum by 6 per stack
  • Compress Kit – Increases Stacking for Clotting Poultice, Impermeable Poultice, Soothing Poultice, Clarifying Poultice and Stimulating Poultice by 4 per stack
  • Explosives Magazine – Increases Stacking for Incendiary Cocktail, Smoke Bomb and Ichor Bomb by 4 per stack
  • Food Barrels – Increases Stacking for Slime Mold, Stale Bread, Apples & Cheese, Steak & Spuds and Flapjacks by 4 per stack
  • Medicine Chest – Increases Stacking for Bandages, Antivenom and Burn Salve by 6 per stack

Location Scouting

In this category, the best items depend heavily on what your goals are in exploring locations. The Academic’s Map, which reveals Academic’s Caches, was considered top-tier due to the potentially valuable trinkets and relics these caches can contain. Other items were ranked based on the usefulness of the locations they reveal. Also keep in mind, if you are just starting out, the Shrine Map would appear much higher on the list.

  • Academic’s Map – +100% Academic’s Caches Location Scouting
  • Hoarder Signal Decoder – +100% Hoarder Location Scouting
  • Chirurgeon’s Directory – +100% Field Hospital Location Scouting
  • Shrine Map – +100% Hero Shrines Location Scouting
  • Tracker’s Map – +100% Creature Den Location Scouting +100% Oasis Location Scouting

Pet Tier List

  • Pygmy Pliskin – The ability to enhance healing can significantly increase party durability and survival rate.
  • Orphan Wolf Cub – The added stress resistance and increased positive relationship chance can greatly impact party cohesion and stress management.
  • Shrieker Chick – The critical hit chance increase and extra baubles can provide a significant advantage in combat and resource collection.
  • Hatchling Crocodilian – The damage boost and potential speed decrease make this pet a high risk, high reward choice.
  • Unnatural Owlet – Debuff resistance and an increased chance of item generation make this pet useful for certain strategies.
  • Mucilaginous Slime – Increased debuff resistance and looting chances can be beneficial in the right circumstances.
  • Reanimated Rabbit – Speed is a valuable attribute and the additional health per food in inventory can help maintain the party’s health.
  • Larval Carrion Eater – Gaining healing and block on killing blow can be great, but it’s conditional upon landing the killing blow.
  • Crimson Tick – The chance to produce The Blood can be beneficial, but the chance is quite low and it’s also conditional upon landing the killing blow.
  • Shambler’s Spawn Stained – This pet has significant downsides, like reducing location & route scouting, but its ability to boost Cultist Trinkets could be strategically used in specific circumstances.


In the stygian recesses of the Darkest Dungeon, the enigma of survival weaves a tumultuous web. Yet, as we traverse through this twilight abyss, wielding the insight from this guide like an occultist’s talisman, may we find solace in our preparedness.

Remember, dear traveler, knowledge is the greatest weapon against the creeping shadows, the ghastly beasts, and the insidious madness that lurks in the heart of the Dungeon. In the face of oblivion, we wield our resolve and these humble tools to shine a lantern in the stygian gloom.

Yet, beware! For the true essence of the Darkest Dungeon does not lie in the practicalities of this mortal coil, but in the nebulous realms of the mind. Strategies and tactics, those rational methods of combat, can only take you so far. In the end, it is your will, your fortitude against the maddening whispers in the dark, that will truly define your journey.

To comprehend the indescribable and face the unfathomable, these are our lot. Yet armed with wisdom and courage, we may yet prevail against the encroaching darkness. To those who dare to plumb the depths of the Darkest Dungeon, I wish you good fortune. May the light guide you on your perilous journey.

In the face of madness, we stand resolute. For we are the flame.

Thanks to James Jedi for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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