Dark Slayer AFK RPG Codes: March 25, 2024

In Dark Slayer: AFK RPG, the end of the world is just the beginning of your adventure. Amidst a landscape ravaged by zombies, it’s your turn to step up as the hero and save the day. This game isn’t just about battling the undead; it’s a journey of power, growth, and survival. With its stylish action, various weapon types, and eye-catching costumes, every moment in Dark Slayer is an exhilarating experience. To boost your growth and strengthen your hero, a special code awaits.

Dark Slayer: AFK RPG Coupon Codes

This code is a beacon in the dark, offering resources to aid you in your fight against the zombie apocalypse. Prepare to face the hordes with this new, case-sensitive coupon code:

We added a new codes on March 24, 2024

Working Coupon Codes:

  • dsmarsat – Redeem for Dia*20,000, Essence Dungeon Ticket*5, 55-Draw Ticket*10, Golden Dokkaebi Plaque*1 (New & Valid until 3.30.2024)
  • mar3fri – Redeem for Dia*20,000, Reforge Stone Dungeon Ticket*5, 55-Draw Ticket*10, Golden Dokkaebi Plaque*1 (Valid until 3.28.2024)
  • dsmarcp – Redeem for Dia*50,000, 55-Draw Ticket*20, Golden Dokkaebi Plaque*5, Costume Dungeon Ticket*10 (Valid until 3.31.2024, 23:59 UTC)
  • haveagt – Redeem for Dia*10,000
  • syaweeksg – Redeem for Dia*3,000, 55 Draws Ticket*2, Necklace Dungeon Ticket*2
  • godgame – Redeem for Dia*3,000, 55 Draws Ticket*2, Ring Dungeon Ticket*2
  • godslyer – Redeem for Dia*3,000, 55 Draws Ticket*2, Magic Charm Dungeon Ticket*2
  • slyergift – Redeem for Dia*3,000, 55 Draws Ticket*2, Essence Dungeon Ticket*3
  • 1130gift – Redeem for Dia*3,000, 55 Draws Ticket*2, Reforge Stone Dungeon Ticket*3
  • loveslyer Dia*3,000, 55 Draws Ticket*2, Diamond Dungeon Ticket*5
  • welcomeds

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Expired Coupon Codes:

  • syagiftds
  • wellsly
  • update28
  • htsatds
  • happyweek
  • febspcds
  • withdarks
  • seollal
  • hagwsly
  • happyweek
  • dgsunds
  • glsatds
  • firefri
  • updateds
  • featggds
  • thnksly
  • srysorry
  • hny2024ds
  • 23adieu
  • firesat
  • eowsun
  • hagtsat
  • firstfri
  • 12xmas25
  • eve24xmas
  • xmaspre
  • drxknee
  • drxchanel
  • dseventrw
  • thankstos
  • betterds
  • sorrydss
  • dscpsya
  • darkscpg
  • nice77ds
  • 1220dsm
  • syaweeksg
  • goodtds
  • respgift
  • week1gift
  • 1211mtrw
  • nice77day
  • iwilltry
  • weekender
  • thankyou
  • f1weekend

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Guide to Redeem Coupon Codes

Redeeming your code in Dark Slayer: AFK RPG is a part of your survival strategy:

Step 1: Tap on ‘Options’ in the game.

Step 2: Select ‘Enter coupon’.

Step 3: Input the code welcomeds.

Following these steps will ensure you’re well-equipped to take on the challenges that await in the game.


Final Words:

Embark on your quest in Dark Slayer: AFK RPG [Google Play]. With these codes, you’re not just surviving; you’re thriving. Are you ready to embrace your destiny and become the hero this world desperately needs? The apocalypse awaits!

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