Crowalt Traces of the Lost Colony Walkthrough (All Achievements Guide)

Text guide on how to solve all the puzzles and earn all achievements for Crowalt: Traces of the Lost Colony.



Interact with Little Rock and pick up the Toolbox Key.
Unlock the Toolbox by dragging the Toolbox Key over it.
Open the Toolbox. Pick up the Nail Puller and the Hammer.
Use the Nail Puller on the Abandoned Boat.
Interact with the Abandoned Boat and pick up the Wooden Plate.

Go right to the Town Entrance.
Go to Town Square from the road in the middle.
Go right and reach Riley’s.
Use the Wooden Plaque on the Warning Sign.
Merge Rusty Hammer with Nails. Use Hammer Nails on Warning Sign.

Enter the Riley’s and talk to the Woman.

Go upstairs. Open the Drawer on the right. Drag the Book and pick up the Key.
Use the Key on the Door and enter the room.

Open the Drawer on the left and pick up the Picklock.
Open the Drawer on the right and pick up the Tarot Card. (1/10 Artifact)
Pick up the Lamp.
Interact with Shirt, you’ll get Buttons.
Interact with Bed.

Talk to Mysterious Man.
Use the Dry Cloth with the Water Bucket. Then use the Wet Cloth on Dirts. Keep doing this for all of the four dirty gravestones. Then another gravestone will appear. Do the same for that one too. Then the dream (nightmare) will end.

Go downstairs and talk to Riley. Accept Riley’s offer. (You may also refuse.)
Minimum beer amounts for each customer and each glass in order:
Soldier: 5-4
Farmer: 4-2
Pirate: 3
Injured Man: 5-3-2
Beggar: 1: If you give him full beer you’ll earn an achievement. (Achievement 1/9: Generous)
Woman: 4
Lover: 4-3
Bard: 5
Butcher: 4-4-2
Strange Man: 1

When you complete the bartending task you’ll earn an achievement. (Achievement 2/9: Bartender)

Talk to the Pirates and play Five Finger Fillet. If you can beat them you’ll earn an achievement. (Achievement 3/9: Tough Guy)
Talk to Albert. You’ll get a Pouch and a new artifact: The Queen’s Decree(2/10 Artifact)
Leave Riley’s.

Pick up the Shovel right in front of the bar when you’re outside.
Go left of Town Square, reach the Marketplace. Talk to The Man In A Green Hat. Give him the Pouch, you’ll get the Thatched Roof House Key.
Go right part of the town square. Keep walking until you see the Thatched Roof House. Talk to Albert.
Use the Thatched Roof House Key and enter the house.

Pick up the Cage and Tool Handle.
Interact with Bear Head and pick up the Nails.
Merge Hammer and Nails.
Go downstairs. Interact with the Logs, right next to the box. Pick up the Saw Blade.

Merge the Hammer and Nails, you’ll get Hammer and Nails, again.
Merge the Saw Handle and the Saw Blade, you’ll get a Rusty Saw.
Use the Rusty Saw on the Barricade. Then pick up the Small Plank and the Big Plank from the ground. Now, you’ll have Wood Planks. Use Hammer and Nails on Wood Planks and you’ll get Big Sturdy Plank.
Enter the tunnel.

Use Big Sturdy Plank on the Pit.
Use Shovel on 2 Symbols that are on the ground.
Use Symbols on the Holes.
Interact with Symbols on the wall. You need to push to stones in order. And the order is:

Pick up Physiologus that is on the floor. It’s an artifact. (3/10 Artifact)
Pick up Chest Key from the bookshelf. Use the Key on the Chest. Then, interact with the Chest.
Go back to the tunnel.

Change the direction of weapons that aim staghead. (Achievement 4/9: Animal Friendly)
Go outside and talk to Albert. He’ll give you the Map of Crowalt. (4/10 Artifact)
Go back to cabin. Talk to the Governor.
Pick up the Permission Paper from the wall.
Talk to Roland.
Go out.

Go and talk to either Riley in the bar or Russ in the marketplace. Both works for entering the Tribe Camp. I’m gonna go with Riley.

Talk to Riley. Ask where she supplies all this fresh meat. She’ll make you an offer, accept it. You’ll get a Pony Keg and Scissors.
Go out.

Return to the Town Entrance and walk rightward. You’ll get to the Border.

Give the Permission Paper to the Soldier who is outside of the cabin.
Walk rightward and cross the bridge. Then talk to the Camp Guard. Tell him that you are there for a delivery. He’ll let you in.
Enter the camp.

After following Tawa, drop the Pony Keg at the Delivery Point.
Walk towards the Large Tent on the left. There you’ll meet Tawa, talk to him. Ask him if you can see the Chief. He’ll give you a task and also a Leather.
Take the Rope from the floor on your way to Soft Paw.
Talk to Soft Paw.
Return to Border.

Talk to the Camp Guard. Pick up the Incense.
Go back to the Town Square.
Talk to Bracha. Now you got the fabrics quest.
Go to the Docks.

Interact with the Box. Use the Shovel on the ground. Pick up the Helmet. (5/10 Artifact)
Use Picklock on the Lock. You have to solve the puzzle in a limited time. Every piece has a compatible match. The puzzle generates randomly, so there is not one exact solution. Here, you can see the logic:

Enter the Warehouse.
Pick up the Broken Oar and the Rake. Look at the Stinky Cheese. You’ll see a note left by Andrew.
Leave the Warehouse and the Docks.

Here’s the list of 4 pieces of Lost Fabrics, with locations:
– Right Part of the Town Square, After you past the Governor’s Office, you’ll see it in a water bucket.
– Right Part of the Town Square, Right after you cross the Thatched Roof House (Use the Rake on the Haystack then it’ll come off)
– Town Square, under the big tree near the Farmhouse
– Left Part of the Town Square, on the market table of Andrew (you have to talk to him before picking it up)

Go to the right part of the town square and head to the far right. You’ll see a man standing on a rock. Pick up the Book on the ground. It’s an artifact, the First Folio. (6/10 Artifact)

Go to the left part of the town square. In the marketplace, talk to Russ about the hammer. You’ll get “Letter to Margaret”.
Go back to the Docks.

Grab the Spider that is moving on the outside of the warehouse. Use that Spider on Philip.
Merge the Broken Oar with the Rope. Give the Sturdy Oar to Philip.
Go to the Riley’s.

Talk to Riley about the Special Tea. You’ll get a Mug.

Go to the marketplace. Interact with the Well. Use the Mug with the Bucket. You’ll get a “Mug Full of Water”.

Go to the Border.
Talk to the Soldier about the Guard.
Talk to the Camp Guard about fishing. He’ll get mad and leave the area.
Use the Scissors on the Strange Plant. You’ll get the Special Tea Weed. Combine it with the Mug.
Now you have the Special Tea.

Go back to the Docks and give the Special Tea to Philip. Philip will go to the boat and wait for you. Talk to him and go to Berkley’s.


Interact with Berkley’s House. Talk to Berkley and Margaret. Tell them you’ve wanted some water. (otherwise, you can’t earn the related achievement later)
Return to the island.

Go, see Russ, talk to him about Margaret. You’ll get the Soft Paw’s Hammer and a Picklock. And you’ll earn an achievement. (Achievement 5/9: Friend of a Lover)
Go to the Tribe Camp and see Soft Paw. Give him Soft Paw’s Hammer. Then give him the Leather. He’ll work on it and give you the Processed Leather.
Now you have the Processed LeatherButtons and Bracha’s Fabrics. Go see Bracha in her house in the town square.
Now you are gonna sew the leather. First, go with the upper left, then the below then the upper right. You need to click right when the circle ends. Repeat this loop until it’s done.

Now you have the Leather Vest. Go back to the Tribe Camp. Give it to Tawa. He’ll let you enter the Large Tent of Chieftain. Enter the tent and talk to Ozkanuguro.
Pick up the Chief’s Feather War Bonnet in the tent.

Go to the marketplace in the left part of the town square.
Ask Andrew about the note. Tell him that you can market his cheese. You’ll get the Key of the Cheese Chest.

Go back to the Riley’s.

Go upstairs.
Use the Key of the Cheese Chest on the Cheese Chest. Interact with the Cheese Chest. You’ll get the Cheese.
Leave the bar and go to the Docks.

Enter the warehouse.
Combine Cheese with the Cage. You’ll get a Mousetrap.
Put the Mousetrap on the ground. You’ll catch the Mouse.
Leave the warehouse.

Go to the left part of the town square.
Interact with the Path near Paul Buynan’s house.
Talk to Paul Buynan. Choose “An important issue…”
You’ll need to make some choices. Here’s the order:
1- (choose randomly)
2- a huge tree
3- as reaching up to the sky.

Leave the area and go to the Docks. Talk to Philip and leave for Berkley’s.
Talk to Berkley. He’ll tell you about the “Heaven’s Pass”.
Pick up the Ladder and leave. Go back to the Paul’s place.

Talk to him again following the order above but this time choose “Heaven’s Pass” for the first one. Paul will be tricked and he will leave the area.
Use the Mouse on the Ox.
Interact with the Path.

Use the Scissors on the Nightshade and you’ll get it.
Pick up the Stone.
Pick up the Black Rag from the tree.
Use the Rusty Saw on the Barricade.
Try to enter the house through the window.

Go back to the town square and talk to Russ. Ask him about the Slinghsot. You’ll get it.

Go back to the backyard.
Combine the Slingshot with the Stone.
Use the Slingshot Stone on the Crow.
You’ll hit it with the Slingshot. Then pick up the Crow.
Now enter the house.

Go downstairs.
Interact with the Damaged Cabinet.
Pick up the Ring and Flint and Steel.
Use the Ladder on the Hole.
Go downstairs through the Hole.
Use the Picklock on the Chest and pick up the Tablet. (7/10 Artifact) You’ll also earn an achievement. (Achievement 6/9: Found ya!)
Look at the Paper. Read the poem.
Pick up the Ritual Water.
Use the Logs on the Bottom of the Cauldron.
Use the Ritual Water on the Cauldron.
Use the Flint and Steel on the Bottom of the Cauldron.
In order, use the Lifeless Crow, the Nightshade, the Ring, the Feather Cap and finally the Black Cloth on the Cauldron.
Use the Shovel on the Dirt Mound.

Go to Riley’s. Go upstairs and open the drawer on the right. Pick up the Doll. Then go back to the Burnt House.

Use the Voodoo Doll on Cauldron.
Pick up the Bones.
Leave the house and head for the cemetery near the Church.

Pick up the T Shaped Wood.
Use the Shovel on the Open Area.
Use the Bones of the Ghost on the Open Area.
Use the Shovel on the Open Area.
Use the T Shaped Wood on the Open Area.

Go to the Church. Talk to the Father. Tell him that Solita has found peace. You’ll get the Diary of the Ghost.

Go and talk to Riley about your room. You’ll earn an achievement. (Achievement 7/9: Detective)
Head back to the Tribe Camp.

Talk to the Green Dressed Woman. Tell her “it’s you”.
Enter the Large Tent and give the Chief the Diary. You’ll earn an achievement. (Achievement 8/9: Merciful)
Also, you’ll get the Native American Bracelet. (8/10 Artifact)
Leave the tent.
Talk to Albert.

Go to Riley’s and talk to her.
Take the Halfpenny Token on the piano. (9/10 Artifact)
Talk to Edward.
Go back to the camp.

Combine Flint and Steel with the Incense. You’ll get Lit Incense.
Use Lit Incense with the Red Tent.
Talk to Jack. He’ll give you a Curved Thick Rod.
Talk to Soft Paw and ask him about the flattening the stick.

Go to Riley and take some Wampum from her.

Go back to the camp. Give the Wampum to Soft Paw. Now you have a Thick Rod.
Go near Jack’s cage. Use the Thick Rod on the Cage Lock.
Complete the puzzle and free Jack.
Go to the Docks.

Go left, pass Philip and climb the Pirate Ship.
Talk to Edward. You’ll learn about the Eagle Rock.
You’ll get the Pocket Watch(10/10 Artifact)
Leave the ship and go to the Governor’s Office.


After talking to Albert, head fort he Church.
In Church, look at the Parish Register book.
Talk to Albert. Tell him that you are ready to go.
Interact with the Ritual Area.
Complete the puzzle. Here’s the solution:

You’ll earn the final achievement. (Achievement 9/9: Explorer)

Thanks to burcu-kayabasi for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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