Country Bumpkin Yutaka: All Endings Walkthrough

Here is a complete guide to walk through the full game.


Basic Controls

Attack: Q.
Confirm: Enter/Space/Z.
Cancel/Menu: Esc/Num 0/X.
Run/Hide Text Box: Shift
Text Fast-Forward: Ctrl/Alt.
Full Screen: F4.
Screen Size: F3.



The game crashes often. Save frequently!
The 3 items sold in the store near the train station can change walking speed!
The granny in the blue tent in the south of the village can tell what to do next.
Talk with all people with icons. Blue ❗️ means a story line. Red ❗️ means an erotic event. Green 🟒 means the collecting line. Yellow 🟠 means new friends.
Two friends: Kino and Gyuu. Each has 3 important events to maximize the intimacy!

Chapter 1

Find the Rotting Trash Bag in the red chest near the tents in the region between the school and the village.
Find the Thick Branch in the red chest behind the school.
Go to Kino’s home. Make a weapon Stinky Stick EX.
Press Q to attack: it can clear cactus or jars blocking the way, and even harvest cabbages and carrots!

Talk to the principal in the school.
Go to the right side room in the school.
Go to find the janitor near the incinerator behind the school.

Talk to the botany professor at the foot of the mountain.
Buy Anti-Gravity Shoes from the man in the inn on the road to the mountain.
Use the Anti-Gravity Shoes on any blue icon πŸ”΅!
Find the Golden Clover on the top of the mountain.
Talk to the botany professor again.

Talk to the priest in front of the shrine.
Go home. Talk to Keiko.
With Keiko’s skill, now Yutaka can distract guards blocking the way! (More than one on the map. )
Get the Good Luck Bun in the shrine.
Buy a pot in the store in the city.
Go into the hole on the playground of the school. Talk to the man to polish a good pot.
Go home. Boil the medicine.
Talk to Keiko.
Give the book back to the mayor.

Chapter 2

Go to the city train station to meet Mom Aya.
Talk to the priest in the shrine.

Now Yutaka can push away the round stones!
Go to find 7 evil marks!

Use the skill Sisterly Bond to switch between Keito and Yutaka.
If someone blocks the way to a mark, let Keiko have sexual intercourse.
Upgrade Keiko by sexual intercourse to unlock the magic blocks.

  • West side of the village.
  • Near the well in the region between the school and the village.
  • On the playgound of the school. Upper right corner.
  • On the road to the mountain. Near the store behind the round stones.
  • On the mountain. Behind the round stones.
  • In the city. Lower left corner.
  • In the slum zone of the city. Upper left corner.

Before going back to the shrine there is a branch of story! Save files!

Bad end: Kill too many animals.
Good end: Switch to Keiko. Go to the shrine. Attack the bad ghost.

Bad End

Kill animals on the map. There are 4 stages:

  • Winged insects and frogs.
  • Birds and squirrels.
  • Dogs, cats, chicken and monkeys.
  • Cows.

Keep doing until Fancy for Murder.
Go back to the shrine. Kill Mosako.Β Talk to the priest.

Chapter 3

Find all 7 Orbs!

  • The school janitor.
  • Defeat the bad ghost.
  • In the region between the school and the village. Lower left corner. Puzzle: ↓↓←←←↑↑.
  • On the way to the mountain, there is a pool. Go to the south. Puzzle: Start from the lower right corner ←←←↑→↑←↓→↓←↓→↑。
  • Let Keiko to go to the hotel in the slum.
  • Upper left corner of the city train station. (Read the bulletin to cheat)
  • Behind the stones on the mountain , there is a jump point. Jump to the very right and kill all ghosts πŸ”₯.

Talk to the priest of the shrine.
First, select “I want the best gear”!
Then, select “I wanna see Kiri” and go to the end.

Gallery Room & Treasure (Straw Millionaire/藁稭長者)

Find all NPC’s with green icons 🟒!

  • The region between the school and the village. (Delicious Fizzy Candy)
  • The road to the mountain. (Adult Toy)
  • On the side of the road of the city. (Mysterious Manual)
  • In the school, a boy. (Lively Beetle)
  • On the mountain, a boy behind the stones. (Honey Pot)
  • The restaurant in the slum zone in the city. (Round Honey Pudding)
  • The principal in the school. (Faded, Ragged Map)
  • In the hole in the work site in the village. Find 500000 yen at a specific position.
  • Mosako’s home in the slum zone, the upper right house. The door is on the left wall. (Secret Key)
  • The memory gallery is at the foot of the mountain.

After Losing Virginity

In the village, after reading comics with a man, the two friends will appear. Maximize their intimacy.

  • Kino: Behind the school β†’ on the mountain β†’ outside the stripper show.
  • Gyuu: School toilet β†’ In the store in the city (Be nude. Get “nude” on the top of the tall building in the village) β†’ On the seat in the classroom.

Go to the left wall of the mayor’s home (press Q) and peek at Keiko’s sex intercourse.

Learn sex intercourse. Choose one to sacrifice virginity. Virginity can only be given to one! Save files!

  • Gyuu in front of Yutaka’s home.
  • Kino in his home.
  • Maru’s father in his home.
  • The son of the mayor on the 3rd floor of the building.
  • (Be nude) Yowa in the sports warehouse in the school.
  • Teacher in the school.

Take the train in the city to other places.

Mountain Village

Go to Grandmom’s house. Talk to Mom and Grandmom. Lower right corner. Save files.
Borrow a loincloth from the shop.
Play Sumo (wrestling) with the boy.
Play Sumo with the man.
Go to the secret place inside the withered trees behind Grandmom’s house.
Give popcorn to the dog.
Watch all peeking events outside the bath house.
Talk to Mom to have a bath.
Talk to the owner of the bath house.
Events in the bath pool.
Nude escape from the bath pool.
Talk to the two men.


Have a swimsuit on the 1st floor of the shop.
Talk to Keiko on the 2nd floor.
Talk to Keiko to be a server.
Events on the beach.


Intimacy 30: new events.
Intimacy 60: new events.
Intimacy 90: Addicted to sex intercourse. Fail the exam.
Study progress 30: Fail the exam.
Study progress 60: the second university.
Study progress 90: the best university.

7 endings:

  • Yutaka intimacy 60
  • Keiko intimacy 60
  • Both intimacy 60
  • Yutaka intimacy 90
  • Keiko intimacy 90
  • Both intimacy 90
  • Else

Clean the trash. Talk to the granny. Be sure the tents and houses can be entered.
In a house, the detector for pictures can be obtained. Not necessary.

3 endings:

  • Bad end 1: Low LV, without the detector, go to the house of the underworld boss. Upper left.
  • Bad end 2: Low LV, go to the house below the house of the underworld boss.
  • Good end: Highest LV, go to the house below the house of the underworld boss.

Thanks to ηΎ½η”°πŸŽηΆΎε½¦ for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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