Conur Life: Cheat Codes & How to Enable

Here is a guide on enabling the cheats, including the cheat codes list you can enter in-game.


How to activate the cheats?

To activate the cheats in Conur Life, it is enough to write the cheat while you are playing.

Cheat Codes List

  • FIERROS: Obtain all available weapons (Machete, Pistol, MP5, Ithaca, Magnum, FNFAL, AT4 Rocket Launcher, Grenades).
  • MIRTHA: Being immortal (Bullets and explosions don’t hurt you, retype to disable).
  • COIMA: The police will no longer chase you (Retype to deactivate).
  • PROFUGO: Have the maximum search level (4 sirens).
  • CHAPARRON: Weather of rain (Retype to deactivate).
  • VIRUS: Zombies mode (Retype to disable).
  • PLATAYAMOR: $15,000 and 100% health.
  • NOCHEMAGICA: It gets dark.
  • SOLEADO: It is daylight.


That’s all.┬áConur Life will be released on Mar 7, 2023, on Steam. however, the English language is not supported by default.

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