Company of Heroes 3: Modding Guide

Describes the basics of modding the game through tuning packs, for now at least. In the future I plan on listing more advanced techniques as I gain experience as well as adding sections for map making and also game modes.   How to access the Essence Editor and it’s limits The Essence Editor (will be … Read more

Company of Heroes 3: “The Cover-up” Achievement Guide

Hi, I’ll show you how to get the cover-up achievement. Screenshots will be with dialogues in Polish, but they are not important. Alternatively, they can always be translated.   Step 1 – Capute the Bari The most important thing in my opinion is not to occupy airports near bari, same about the largest airport in … Read more

Company of Heroes 3: Sweet Victory Achievement Guide

Step by step guide for dummies (like me)   Sweet Victory Achievement Guide Step 1: Capture (Liberate!) city of Barletta It is north-east form the place where you start the campaign. Make sure your army got some damage on its way there. Don’t heal it. Step 2: Create a ship in Barletta Immediately after you … Read more

Company of Heroes 3: US Support Center Detailed List

Are you a confused US commander trying to remember all the support center functions in between matches? Are you an Axis tanker wondering why some Shermans have more armour than others? Are you just annoyed in general at the lack of an in game wiki? Well this guide might be for you!   Intro There … Read more

Company of Heroes 3: Factions Guide (Introduction and Tips)

This guide has introduction and tips for each factions. It’s meant to be for both new players and players who have played previous CoH games.   Contents This guide is for both CoH veterans and new players. It has been only couple days since the game came out, thus some information this guide has may … Read more

Company of Heroes 3: How to Access the Essence Editor

This guide will show you how to access the essence editor.   Accessing the Essence Editor The Essence Editor is launched via EssenceEditor.exe located into the COH3 installation folder. Below is how to find your installation folder. In your Steam Library, locate Company of Heroes 3. Right click > Hover over “Manage” > Click on … Read more

Company of Heroes 3: How to Enable Ultra Textures

Guide on how to enable Ultra Textures on a GPU with less than 16 GB of VRAM.   How to Enable Ultra Textures 1. Go to “C:\Users\*your username*\Documents\My Games\Company of Heroes 3” 2. Open “configuration_system.lua” with a text editor like Notepad or Notepad++ 3. Go to [28] setting = “texturedetail” 4. Set variantUInt = 0, … Read more