Company of Heroes 3: Sweet Victory Achievement Guide

Step by step guide for dummies (like me)


Sweet Victory Achievement Guide

Step 1: Capture (Liberate!) city of Barletta
It is north-east form the place where you start the campaign. Make sure your army got some damage on its way there. Don’t heal it.

Step 2: Create a ship in Barletta
Immediately after you take the city, create a ship. It was South Dakota class in my case. You don’t need any other upgrades in the city itself.

Step 3: Skip 2 turns till the ship spawns
After that, move it to one of the nearest buoy near the city

Step 4: Get the message from corporal Conti
It was 3 turns from capturing (I mean liberating) Barletta in my case. When you got it, move your ship to the buoy near the city
End your turn

Step 5: Get the message from general Norton
1 turn from the previous one
End your turn

Step 6: Get another message from corporal Conti
Finnaly you get this message

Move your damaged army into the city and recieve another one

Step 7: End your turn and the achievement (should be) yours
BTW this freaking ice cream din’t heal my army anyway. Well, at least I got the achievement.

Thanks to corovaner_m for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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