Cats Hidden in Paris: Speedrun Achievement Guide

If you’re like me, who struggled with the speedrun achievement, worry no more! I’m always missing like 1-3 cats until I devised this strategy; I hope to help peeps to get the achievement! If you managed to get it, kudos to you! Let’s get this cat together, alright!


  • The map can be split into 6 parts, namely :
    – Top Left, Top Right,
    – Middle Left, Middle Right,
    – Bottom Left, Bottom Right.
  • It is advisable to count as you go e.g. if Top Left requires 14 cats, then count as you click..1..2..3.. etc
    (don’t count the seagulls tho)
  • Familiarize yourself with the placement and position, once you are done with one section, quickly move on to another


  • My screen size is 2560 × 1440
  • Top left consists of 14 cats
  • Top right consists of 12 cats
  • Middle left consists of 17 cats
  • Middle right I split it into 2 parts cos there are many cats, in the “house” there’s 13,
    in the other side, while in total its 22, 2 of the cats were already clicked in top right,
    so its 20 in ‘reality’
  • Bottom left consists of 9 cats
  • Bottom right consists of 15 catsTop



Individual placement, bigger pic

Top left

100 cats – 14 cats = 86 cats

Top right

86 cats – 12 cats = 74 cats

Middle left

74 cats – 17 cats = 57 cats

Middle right

57 cats – 33 cats (13 + 20) = 24 cats

If you get 24 cats remaining, congratulations! you are on the right path!

Bottom RIGHT

24 cats – 15 cats = 9 cats

Bottom LEFT

9 cats – 9 cats = congratulations!


  • I really wanted to make it as a whole pic for easier viewing however there’s a limit to the size we can upload, 2mb so the pics can be pretty small
  • This is a recording of how it should work: (fullscreen mode for bigger size)

Thanks to ♢Elvira♢ and Xynthia (GOTY = asleep/away) for their excellent guide, all credits belong to their effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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