Carrier Command 2: Multiple Carriers Guide (Save Editing)

A guide to editing a save file such that one player team has more than one carrier, and the results of doing that in typical gameplay.   Introduction This guide is to document the process of adding a second carrier to a single team in a save of Carrier Command 2. It’ll cover how to … Read more

Carrier Command 2: Beginners’ Guide (Update 1.2)

All-inclusive starter guide on how the game works, including gameplay recommendations on an unmodded campaign. Note: This guide is created by GlyphKnightMax and worked in progress, more content will come later.   Starting Out Beginning your journey shouldn’t be too difficult. First-time players should select the Campaign mode for a little help getting started, but things … Read more

Carrier Command 2: How to Create a Map with Only Level-one Islands

Want to play this game but you find the combat too difficult? Learning curve to big? Well, try this map out and you’ll be set!   Easy Way First, the easy way: replacing an existing save. If this is too difficult for you, Here’s a video tutorial version: Here are the steps: First, download this[] xml file. … Read more

Carrier Command 2: Basic Logistics Setup

Basic Logistics Setup in Carrier Command 2 with a few tricks to become an advanced logistics officer. This guide will teach you how to set up a basic logistics network, and then tips to get stuff faster by micro-managing the most important parts yourself.   Basic logistics introduction This is how logistics can look, and … Read more

Carrier Command 2: How to Change your Team’s Vehicle Color

A relatively simple guide on how to change your team’s vehicle/object colors, as well as some cursory notes on team colors in CC2 in general. DISCLAIMER: The information in this guide is relevant as of 8/13/21 – CC2 is a newly-released game and is therefore subject to change, so whether the information in this guide … Read more

Carrier Command 2: Basic Guide (Weapons, Defences and Logi)

Here is a basic Weapons, Defences and Logi guide for you. which will help you to start the game better.   The Weapons The Carrier has three offensive weapons to speak of the cannon/gun (160mm shells), the Cruise Missile and Torpedoes. Cannon/Gun This is really your main murder boy so lets give it a few … Read more

Carrier Command 2: Ammo and Armament Charts

Infographics for what ammo to use where and the legend for armaments so you can tell what a vehicle is armed with at the vehicle control screens   Armament Legend Easily tell what an air vehicle is equipped with when launching it from the Vehicle Control Screen Ammo Chart For Logistics people. Know what you … Read more