Carrier Command 2: Beginners’ Guide (Update 1.2)

All-inclusive starter guide on how the game works, including gameplay recommendations on an unmodded campaign. Note: This guide is created by GlyphKnightMax and worked in progress, more content will come later.   Starting Out Beginning your journey shouldn’t be too difficult. First-time players should select the Campaign mode for a little help getting started, but things … Read more

Carrier Command 2: How to Create a Map with Only Level-one Islands

Want to play this game but you find the combat too difficult? Learning curve to big? Well, try this map out and you’ll be set!   Easy Way First, the easy way: replacing an existing save. If this is too difficult for you, Here’s a video tutorial version: Here are the steps: First, download this[] xml file. … Read more

Carrier Command 2: Basic Guide (Equipment, Layered Attack Method, Common Issues and Blueprints & Further Goals)

AKA how to have a good experience and not turn your campaign into a lengthy and possibly unsalvageable slog.   Introduction Carrier Command 2 is a punishing game, where a single mistake can easily result in loss of precious units, equipment, or a soft game over. The game plainly tells you to ‘invent your own … Read more