Brigandine The Legend of Runersia: Monster Tier List

A simple guide to various monster classes in Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia. This information is absolutely subjective but I thought a tier guide might help some of the newer players. Feel free to comment and I might come back and add more.

Most teams will want to have at least a tank and a healer then fill in the rest with some damage.

Last note, if you get a monster with a blue star on the picture that’s a mana miracle! It will be slightly off in color and have better stats (It’s a shiny).



S Rank –

Giant Snake – Great versatility, SS on the water, incredible breath attack. Gets 5 movement speed on evolution. (Rune cost – 80/95/110) | Best land type – Water

Dragons – Great tanks, breath attacks, a little slow consider giving a movement item if you have any spares. (Rune cost – 75/100/125) | Best land type – Plains

A Rank –

Mandrake – Not as pure “tanky” but great utility with the status effects. Movement starts at a 3, gets to a 4… (Rune cost 70/90/110) | Best land type – Forest

Golem – OG style pure tank and a heavy hitter. (Also 4 Movement so a bit slow)
(Runepower cost 45/55/75) | Best land type – Mountains

B Rank –

Gigas – A lot of people don’t seem to like the Gigas evolution line as much, poor stat growth.
(Runepower cost 50/65/80) | Best land type – Mountains


S Rank –

Demons – Starts off a bit slow in my opinion, always a bit fragile but great damage dealers. Good size MP, and meteor doom.
Runepower cost – 85/100/120 | Best land type – Sky

Lizardman – The lizard boys can be a bit underrated at first, but once you get to the final evolution they get to act twice every turn.
Runepower cost – 40/55/90 | Best land type – Marsh

Ghoul – These guys are the ones in this game that start off a bit weak but end up as a top tier. Lichs get life steal, the ability to rez monsters that can then immediately act, flight with a huge movement range, and a little bit of ranged via venom.
Runepower cost – 15/30/70 | Best land type – Plains/Sky (changes upon final evolution to Sky)

A Rank –

Angel – Start a little slow, but end up with holy word, AOE healing, and good ranged magic.
Runepower cost – 85/100/120 | Best land type – Sky

Centaur – Honestly, I havent used Centaurs as much as a probably should. They are great to fill out a team with a bit of range DPS from what I hear from the community.
Runepower cost – 35/50 | Best land type – Forest

High Dog – The doggos start off a bit slow, but Fenrir is a strong unit in the end. The ability to move in get a hit off and then move out of the way is great! (Obviously not as good the Lizards who literally get to act twice).
Runepower cost – 35/50/70 | Best land type – Plains

B Rank –

Roc – The birds can debatably be in the A rank to me overall, because of the healing potential. You get a choice between Phoenix and Simurgh. Phoenix is the better choice, you get AOE heals, better stats, and Flame all at the cost of 1 movement. Some people even use the Phoenix as a dodge tank.
Runepower cost – 60/85 | Best land type – Sky

Wyvern – These flyers play similar to our hit and run doggos. Pretty strong, decent evasion and the ability to hit and run but only at the Bahamut evolution. (I could put them in B or C for me, they are just okay)
Runepower cost – 60/80/110 | Best land type – Sky

C Rank –

Elemental – Flimsy magic dealers, then can move and then use their ranged attacks which is their only positive to me. For the cost they are not bad, but overall I avoid them.
Runepower cost – 30/45 | Best land type – Sky

Mermaids – Mermaids are less than mediocre on land, that being said if its a map with tons of water they can be phenomenal. Trying to drag one of these around on every map though? Painful, decent if you need some defense on a water heavy map.
Runepower cost – 25/55 | Best land type – Water

Goblins – Squishy, weak damage, can be useful for paralysis but that’s about it in my opinion.
Runepower cost – 30/45 | Best land type – Forest


S Rank –

Unicorn – Your options here are Pegasus and Nightmare. Nightmare gets better stats, the same healing abilities (just no Halo) and weakness & magic down at the cost of flying. The only plus for the Pegasus is that it flys. While useful, no better. Nightmare = S, Pegasus = A.
Runepower cost – 40/55 | Best land type – Plains (Flying for Pegasus)

Angel – Angels are listed in both DPS and this category because they do some of both. At top evolution Seraphs get AOE heal, holy word and divine ray. They’re great healers, just a bit pricy.
Runepower cost – 85/100/120 | Best land type – Sky

A Rank –

Imp – I had a hard time figuring out where to place our little Imp/Gremlin friend. Obviously his DPS is not great, he’s squishy however React can be a game changer. If you have a heavy hitter and an enemy rune knight moves right next to him. Hit them with react you get to use TWO moves without moving or 1 with a move & one without. I have smoked so many Rune Knight early in a fight because of react. Thunder, Slient, and protect are also decent spells.
Runepower cost – 20/40 | Best land type – Sky

C Rank –

 – They have some great spells, but after their MP is gone they useless. Hard to drag around on most maps without water.
Runepower cost – 25/55 | Best land type – Water

Thanks to sREM43 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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