Bloodhunt: Bloody Roots Questline

This guide will teach you the locations of all the quest items and who to talk to for the Bloody Roots questline.   Introduction This guide will tell you the locations and order in which to complete the three quests given to us in the beginning of the game. These are optional, and separate from … Read more

Bloodhunt: How to Respawn Your Teammates

Your guide to respawning your teammates in Bloodhunt   Respawning your teammates Did you know you can respawn your teammates once they die? Once a respawn point is used, it disappears. Your team and your enemies won’t be able to use that particular respawn point. You will need to go find another unused respawn point. … Read more

Bloodhunt: Basic Tips & Solo Guide

A quick overview of general gameplay and a few tips for solo play, regarding classes, their abilities, and weapon load-outs.   The Mortals & You – In-Match Progression As in any Battle Royale, one element of progression within the match is looting supplies & weaponry. Bloodhunt is no different in that regard. A key factor … Read more

Bloodhunt: How to Boost Your FPS (.ini Editing)

Here is a simple tutorial on how to increase your FPS in Bloodhunt. this method will help you to boost FPS from 100-120 in-game to 140-180. enjoy the game.   Requirement Notepad++ (Official Website to Download)   How to Boost Your FPS 1. go to “C:\Users\(your pc username)\AppData\Local\Tiger\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor” 2. open the file GameUserSettings.ini with notepad or … Read more