Bloodhunt: Bloody Roots Questline

This guide will teach you the locations of all the quest items and who to talk to for the Bloody Roots questline.



This guide will tell you the locations and order in which to complete the three quests given to us in the beginning of the game. These are optional, and separate from daily and weekly challenges, but still are within the same tab in the pause menu.

Bloody Roots Part 1

Where to get the quest

You must first talk to Custos. He is set up directly forward from where you spawn within the lobby area. After you speak with him he will ask you to retrieve an item for Kirill.

This item is some artifact, it isn’t important what it is, because all the quest items use the same models and aura to identify them.

Where to find it

Any of the antique stores will contain this item, but I believe it is only a chance that it will spawn. You may have to search multiple stores to find it, but once you do, you will not have to win the match to keep the item.

It will be sitting on a counter top with a orange glowing aura. It will say quest item, do not confuse this with the collectibles as they do not count.

How to complete

After obtaining the item, you will have to talk to Kirill to give him the item, and obtain the next step in the quest.

Kirill is located on the balcony above the main lobby, if you head to the right past Custos, there will be a small staircase that will lead you to him.

Bloody Roots Part 2

Where to get the quest

To first start the quest, you must speak to Kirill after completing Part 1, there is no time limit to obtain the quest so feel free to do it at your leisure.

He will ask you to retrieve a painting for Maia as a gift, same as Custos did for Kirill

Where to find it

This can only be found in the Art Gallery portion of the map. If it’s a contested spot you will have to move fast in order to get there without being attacked.

To find the exact location within the gallery area, you must head to the right most portion of the building with the skylights in view. You can enter from the front.

From here you will have to head left, up the stairs.

Right here, in the middle of this walk way, you will see the quest item sitting. Obtain it, and you’re free to finish the match.

How to complete

After you have the item, and are back in the lobby, you will now want to talk to Maia to complete the quest. She is located past Custos on the left side of the main lobby floor.

Bloody Roots Part 3

Where to get the quest

You will want to talk to Maia after completing Part 2.

She will ask you to obtain a “network sniffer” from a shop in “Old Town” unfortunately this isn’t a helpful indicator so you would just have to scrounge around until you find it, luckily I randomly stumbled across it while playing a match of my own and was a little shocked to find that there was absolutely no indicators to identify where this item was.

Where to find it

It is actually smack dab center of the map, sitting on the ground level on the street. You can spawn on this street and just run straight to the quest item quite easily.

It will be sitting on the sidewalk, north side of the street in front of a shop called “Elektro Expert” From there you will have the final item from the quest line and you can go to complete the match however you wish.

How to complete

We must return to Maia one final time and give her the “network sniffer” After this is done, you will have completed all the quests available at this time.


These quests are 100% scavenger hunts / fetch quests whatever you like, they don’t offer much lore, or anything besides a bonus bit of XP, and a single player icon called Lazarus, which is helpful considering the fact that the battle pass gets leveled so slow without any XP boosts. I hope this helped, and good luck on your scavenger hunt 🙂

Thanks to Cream for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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