Black Mesa: How To Boost Your FPS 2021

This is a guide that will teach you how you can increase your fps on Black Mesa   Editing autoexec.cfg file go to SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Black Mesa\bms\cfg and open the autoexec.cfg you can use notepad+ to edit the file then put these commands: exec config.cfg //exec threading.cfg r_farz -1 mat_dxlevel 95 mat_fullbright 0 mat_hdr_level 2 fps_max 25 r_lod 8 … Read more

Black Mesa: Useful Toggle Scripts

Sharing some useful toggle scripts  0:01 defalut walk speed 0:04 Toggle walk speed 0:38 defalut Z key Zoom mode improved. Now you can shoot during Zoom mode 0:51 FOV Zoom mode, press to change the fov to 20 then press again to change it back to default 1:28 & 4:04 two zoom modes 4:28 … Read more

Black Mesa: How to Change Language

A simple way to change language without editing/configuring/modding the game files. Currently Black Mesa not fully support game ui languages at all, and some peoples want change it to English without mods, download any files, switching Steam interface language, etc… This guide helps you to do that in some simple steps.   Just follow this steps: Exit … Read more