Black Mesa: Useful Toggle Scripts

Sharing some useful toggle scripts

0:01 defalut walk speed
0:04 Toggle walk speed
0:38 defalut Z key Zoom mode improved. Now you can shoot during Zoom mode
0:51 FOV Zoom mode, press to change the fov to 20 then press again to change it back to default
1:28 & 4:04 two zoom modes
4:28 toggle hide ui and walk mode
4:35 toggle hide all hud

Toggle Walk scripts

Go to this folder
Steam\steamapps\common\Black Mesa\bms\cfg
And create younameit.cfgCopy and paste the codes downbelow, change “anykey” to any key that you want to bind it to
// Toggle walk
alias slow “cl_forwardspeed 90; cl_sidespeed 90; sv_speed_crouch_crop 0.55; bind “anykey” fast”
alias fast “cl_forwardspeed 450; cl_sidespeed 450; sv_speed_crouch_crop 0.333333333333; bind “anykey” slow”
bind “anykey” “slow”

if you want walk with no sounds, change cl_forwardspeed 90→75

default .357 iron side distance view

default zoom improve console command
default z key zoom distance view

This is like the default “z” zoom key but now you can shoot during zoom mode
bind “anykey” “toggle_zoom”

Hev Fov Zoom Mode Toggle Scripts
Fov Zoom view

Remember to change “anykey” to the key you want to bind it to & change the two sensitivities from “2.0” to your own prefered sensitivities

//BlackMesa FOV Zoom mode
bind “anykey” “HEVA”
alias HEVA “fov_desired 20; wait; sensitivity 0.8; wait; r_drawviewmodel 0; bind “anykey” “HEVN”
alias HEVN “fov_desired 100; wait; sensitivity 2.0; wait; r_drawviewmodel 1; bind “anykey” “HEVA”

Toggle Hud Hide Scripts

// Toggle Hide hud
bind “anykey” “hudoff”
alias hudoff “cl_drawhud 0; wait; bind “anykey” “hudon”
alias hudon “cl_drawhud 1; wait; bind “anykey” “hudoff”
jpeg_quality 100

Toggle All UI Hide
hide all hud preview

// Toggle Hide allui
bind “anykey” “allhudoff”
alias allhudoff “cl_drawhud 0; wait; r_drawviewmodel 0; bind “anykey” “allhudon”
alias allhudon “cl_drawhud 1; wait; r_drawviewmodel 1; bind “anykey” “allhudoff”
jpeg_quality 100

By ComeDian.

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