Bermuda – Lost Survival: Map Guide (FAQ Include)

Here is my Map Guide Collection


Main Map

Bounty Reef

Sunken Ashes
[FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions
Will there be a multiplayer mode for Bermuda – Lost Survival?

No. There will be no multiplayer or coop experience for this game.

Will the game be translated to different languages?

Yes. The game will be available in different languages once it leaves Early Access.

Will there be VR support for this game?

TBD. We can’t give a definite answer to that question, but for now, there are no plans to add VR.

Will savegames be reset during Early Access?

Yes. We try to avoid resetting your progress whenever possible. Nevertheless, some development decisions and code changes require a progress reset.

Problems with NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards?

First, make sure your graphics card supports DX11. Second, update your nvidia drivers to the latest version. You should be fine.

Credit to NIGHTBOX

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