Battle of Shadows Codes (October 2023): New Updated!

Are you ready to embark on an epic ninja journey? “Battle of Shadows” awaits, and we’ve got the keys to unlock some fantastic in-game rewards. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the world of “Battle of Shadows” and share the latest working gift codes to power up your ninja squad. Plus, we’ll guide you through the simple process of redeeming these codes. So, sharpen your kunai, gather your friends, and let’s dive in!

All codes work in the latest version

Battle of Shadows Gift Codes

In the section, we’ll list all the currently working gift codes for the game, We’ll emphasize the importance of using these codes as they can provide you with valuable in-game resources, making your ninja squad stronger.

Working Gift Codes:

  • Itachi0609 (New!)
  • FB07YLEJU6ZP92446ED3 (New!)
  • Skill001
  • Hidan888
  • Ninja888
  • Naruto1010
  • Free Rewards – naruto888
  • Free Rewards – sasuke888
  • Free Rewards – sakura888
  • Free Rewards – Legend456
  • Free Rewards – FB07ACUTBKW67G8B0A37
  • Free Rewards – FB07DVMY3EVHBR8N9DCC
  • Free Rewards – FB07VZE7DR3BK5FGB8DE
  • Free Rewards – FB073JF01BQVKPJSEDA1
  • Free Rewards – FB07J2Z9L4F7XLDEB7DA
  • Free Rewards – FB07AXDVX6CF7NZ254F2
  • Free Rewards – FB07E6F52N1GQXYM586E
  • Free Rewards – FB07131RZJVTFAZDE2BD
  • Free Rewards – ASWRGSDA3S
  • Free Rewards – ASE3AA2DFE
  • Free Rewards – FFSW234DSA
  • Free RewardsFWWQ23RSDS

Expired Gift Codes:

  • While there are no expired codes at the moment

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How to Redeem Gift Codes

This step-by-step tutorial will guide players through the process of redeeming gift codes in the game, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Tap on the “Rewards” icon. It typically looks like a gift box or chest icon.

Step 2: Look for an option called “Redeem Code.” It might also be labeled as “Enter Code” or something similar.

Step 3: A text box will appear. This is where you enter your gift code. Type it in accurately.

Step 4: Confirm the code and redeem it.

And that’s it! You’ve successfully redeemed your gift code, and your rewards should be on their way.


What’s Battle of Shadows?

Battle of Shadows [Google Play] plunges you into the heart of the ninja world, where you can mix and match your favorite ninjas to create a formidable team. Engage in epic battles, unleash jaw-dropping ninjutsu, and explore a captivating landscape. But what’s a ninja adventure without some extra goodies? That’s where gift codes come into play.

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