B.I.O.T.A: All Specimens, Characters, Palettes and etc

In this guide, you will find the locations of all 30 specimens and one easter egg, some info about all 8 playable characters and a showcase of all 54 palettes.



1 specimen

Ventilation Tunnels

2 specimen

Brood Chambers

2 specimen

Extraction Site

3 specimen

Nuclear Plant

4 specimen

Command Tower/Dome

6 specimen

Central Core (Mech Section)

1 specimen

Drain Tanks

5 specimen

Radio Outpost

4 specimen and an easter egg (green)

The Void

2 specimen

Palettes 1-28

Palettes 28-54

All Characters


Alt. special – Combat Drone (bought in Headquarters)


Alt. special – Goliath (bought in Command Tower)


Alt. special – Sphere of Doom (bought in Extraction Site)


Alt. special – Storm Machine (bought in Nuclear Plant)

Jade – can be rescued from Extraction Site

Alt. special – Teleport Expansion Slot (bought in Central Core)

Unit-34 – can be bought in Brood Chambers

Alt. special – Nebula (bought in Drain Tanks)

Beat the game once to unlock two additional characters


No alt. special


No alt. special

Thanks to JCFrito for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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