Axilon Legend of Artifacts Prologue: 100% Achievements Guide

As you can assume from the title this game is a prologue and can be completed really fast. I already streamed the game and uploaded full walkthrough video to YouTube, I will put it here in the guide in case you are interested.

There are only 6 achievements. The achievements are pretty easy and unmissable. if you just started the game as I did and had no idea what to do, and you like wander around like me, you will finish it in 25 minutes approximately, but I think it can be completed in under 10-15 minutes if you skip everything.


Tips & Walkthrough

There are only 3 levels in this game. While exploring sometimes you will encounter paths with different turns, don’t worry, they all lead to daed ends, and in some of them there are even no enemies. In short, they are for farming XP and have no effect on achievements.

As you can see from the video I only upgraded Mind and used magic attacks against bosses. Electrokinesis is especially OP and it takes insignificant amount of mana. I just melted the final boss, Cyrus, with it in under 10-15 seconds.


As I said earlier all achievements are progress-based, so you will earn them eventually.

The Beginning

The journey has begun
As soon as you start the game, you will get it.

Telekinesis master

You picked up telekinesis
In level 1 you have to take telekinesis and use it on the wall in order to continue your journey. After picking telekinesis up, you will get the achievement.

The forest was passed

The first level was completed
Complete level 1.

Electrokinesis master

You picked up electrokinesis
In level 2 you will have to pick electrokinesis up, in order to open the door. After picking it up, you will get the achievement.

The cave was passed

The second level was completed
Complete level 2.

Battle Master

Fought a strong opponent
Kill the final boss, Lord Cyrus.

Thanks to TTV_ImichanPlays for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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