Atelier Sophie The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book DX: All Recipes for “Master of Insight” Achievement

Here are all recipes for you to get “Master of Insight” achievement. This guide is a port from the OG Version by Little Bomb.all I did was copy, organize the topics a little better and post it here for commodity.


Beginner Recipes

  1. Berg Medicine: (Starting Formula).
  2. Sotea: Gather Well Water.
  3. Uni Bag: (Idea from Uni).
  4. Simple Sweets: Gather Ramel Wheat (Merbert Farm).
  5. Bomb: Complete “Slay Monsters” quest.
  6. Ramel Flour: Investigate South Wheat field (Merbert Farm).
  7. Zettle: Investigate bookshelf in the book store.
  8. Red Neutralizer: Gather Red Uni (Chick Farm at Night).
  9. Ingot: Complete “Farm Beast” quest.
  10. Apcol: Obtain Whimsy Strawberry.
  11. Honey: Gather Beehive.
  12. Blue Neutralizer: Investigate fountain near church.
  13. Golden Thread: Gather Silver Web.
  14. Cloth: Gather Animal Fur.
  15. Meister Mittens: Make Simple Sweets with Salty effect.
  16. Ice Bomb: Perform lots of synthesis and obtain water.
  17. Bagel Sandwich: Obtain Ramel Flour.
  18. Lightning Bomb: Obtain Raiden Ore.
  19. Spruce: Gather Kifa (Gathering of Beasts).
  20. Victor’s Charm: Win a battle with low health.
  21. Mana Feather: Slay Kaiser Pidgeon.
  22. Warding Charm: Obtain Pious Charm (Pamela).
  23. Grandma’s Cauldron: Make Ice Bomb.
  24. Friendly Persona: Defeat Silent Beast (Prospector’s Strand).
  25. Puppeteer String: Auto Obtain (Event).

Growth Recipes

  1. Neutralizer G: Buy 300 Cole’s worth of items AND sell 300 Cole’s worth of items.
  2. Bottled Misfortune: Lose a battle.
  3. Refuel Bottle: Investigate pond in Forgotten Nursery.
  4. Monochrome Glasses: Use Monika’s Light Edge and Brave Heart skills.
  5. Alchemy Drops: Synthesize Honey with Kirchen Bell Special trait (Use Kirchen Milk as Water ingredient).
  6. Craft: Synthesize Uni Bag with Explodes effect (Gunpowder value >=50).
  7. Practice Cauldron: Obtain Practice Cauldron (Buy from Cory).
  8. Stahl Metal: Plachta’s Memories: Reclaim Memories 5 (Perform synthesis, use items in battle).
  9. Puni Jelly: Defeat a Green Puni, Red Puni, and Black Puni.
  10. Mofcott: Synthesize Cloth with Carries Heat trait (Kaen Stone -> Ingot -> Gold Thread -> Cloth).
  11. Neutralizer Y: Jump 100 times.
  12. Gathering Gloves: Story related (Meklet/Atomina event).
  13. Deluxe Backpack: Gather 10 times.
  14. Wonder Stimulant: Synthesize Berg Medicine with Size+ trait.
  15. Silvalia: Plachta’s Memories: Reclaim Memories 6.
  16. Fairy Guide: Synthesize Spruce with Flickering Light trait (Luminous Water [Gather at Sun Moon Moor] -> Zettel -> Gold Thread -> Cloth -> Spruce).
  17. Refresh Oil: Investigate Ancient Kitchen in Forgotten Nursery.
  18. Puni Missile: Fight a Blue Puni and let it use its Puni Press attack.
  19. Feather Ornament: Beat a Saber Claw (Scar of the Land).
  20. Alchemic Clay: Story Related (During Make Plachta’s Body events).
  21. Imp’s Mischief: Get a treasure chest from a monster drop (Randomly dropped after battling monster).
  22. Crystal Ball: Talk to Fortuneteller NPC at Street (Night) next to the Blacksmith.
  23. Mineral Extract: Obtain Good Water (Gather at Calm Banks, Prospector’s Strand).
  24. Expert Cauldron: Obtain Expert Cauldron (Chest at end of Silent Bedroom in Sun Moon Mor).
  25. Spirit Needle: Story Related (During Make a Tool to Move Souls events).
  26. Adal Cloth: Story Related (During Make Plachta’s Clothes events).
  27. Hades Compass: Story Related (During Make a Tool to Move Souls events).
  28. Codex Of Creation: Plachta’s Memories: Reclaim Memories 7 (Need to progress events for certain characters [Cory, Leon, Fritz, maybe others]).

Hope Recipes

  1. Eye of Mercury: Reach Alchemy Level 25.
  2. Traveler’s Shoes: Enter fields in 5 different locales (Locale is shown in the top right corner of World Map).
  3. Supreme Hot Milk: Obtain Kirchen Milk (Buy from Marguerite).
  4. Training Charm: Investigate the furnace at the Blacksmith.
  5. Clear Drops: Synthesize Alchemy Drops with Super Sweet effect (Honey value >=120).
  6. Flame Powder: Obtain Black Orb (Gather at Husk Forest).
  7. Pure Water: Obtain Luminous Water (Gather at Sun Moon Moor).
  8. Angel Ribbon: Synthesize Gold Thread with Purifying Water trait (Holy Water (Buy from Pamela) -> Zettel -> Gold Thread).
  9. Ori Bomb: Synthesize Bomb with Blue Flames effect (Paper value >= 100).
  10. Noble Sapphire: Synthesize an Accessory category item.
  11. Rubilium: Plachta’s Memories: Reclaim Memories 8 (Synthesize, Receive thank you gifts).
  12. Plain Waffle: Synthesize Supreme Hot Milk with Hot effect (Medicine Mat value >= 80).
  13. Natural Yeast: Synthesize Bagel Sandwich with Fluffy effect (Water value between 60-89).
  14. Nectar of Life: Get LP to hit 0 (Just go back and forth between 2 points on the World Map).
  15. Blitzlite: Fight a Gold Puni and get hit by its Lightning attack.
  16. Stahl Ice Bomb: Use an Ice Bomb.
  17. Snowflake Crystal: Obtain Silver Crystal (Gather at Underground Lake).
  18. Hustle Belt: Investigate southernmost rock in Scar of the Land: Pierced Ruins.
  19. Hexe Auris: Story Related (From Listen to Plachta’s Request event).
  20. Tuned Cauldron: Obtain Tuned Cauldron (Chest behind Unliving King at the end of Underground Lake).
  21. Spirit Weave Cloth: Synthesize Puni Jelly with Activate Division effect (Neutralizer value >= 120).
  22. Sage’s Soil: Fritz’s events (Deliver Doll Materials).
  23. Gunade Ring: Obtain Gunade Ring (Buy from Tess) OR Synthesize Training Charm with Training Mastery effect (High Class Talisman value >=95).
  24. Ares Brooch: Leon’s events (Give a Present to Leon).
  25. Warding Incense: Julio’s events (Prepare the Medicine).
  26. Honey Syrup: Tess’s events (Sweet Medicine).
  27. Precise Parts: Cory’s events (Investigate the “Machine Box”/Deliver Parts).
  28. Angel’s Whisper: Plachta’s Memories: Reclaim Memories 9 (Defeat certain monsters, Beat Unliving King).

Dream Recipes

  1. Heart Pendant: Investigate bridge at the west side of Waterside Ruins.
  2. Flugel: Synthesize Angel’s Whisper with Soul Awakening Tone effect (Holy Water value >= 120).
  3. Spirit Earings: Use a Bomb category, Magic Item category, and Medicine category item.
  4. Geist Aizen: Investigate northeast corner of Prayerless Alter at Small Islet.
  5. White-Hot Headband: Fight a battle that lasts 5 or more turns.
  6. Lightning Crystal: Go to Prospector’s Strand while there is a Thunderstorm at Night (Go there at night and keep entering/leaving until there’s a thunderstorm).
  7. Mind’s Eye Monocle: Deal damage that is a monster’s weakness (Blue Puni is weak against fire).
  8. Emergency Bag: Run from a battle.
  9. Fairy Cauldron: Obtain Fairy Cauldron (Chest in Forest of Fairies: Den of Fairies).
  10. Magician’s Flute: Talk to Monster Researcher NPC in corner of Bookstore.
  11. Chronicle Mark: Synthesize Noble Sapphire with Ancient Seal trait (Ancient Tablet [Gather at Moon Sun Moor] -> Noble Sapphire).
  12. Piro Sotea: Synthesize Pure Water with Secret of Health trait (Zafloa Oil [Buy from Marguerite] -> Gold Thread -> Cloth -> Crystal Ball -> Alchemic Clay -> Neutralizer Y -> Refresh Oil -> Pure Water).
  13. Life Bangle: Use a total of 100 LP.
  14. Fairheit: Synthesize Adal Cloth with High Class trait (High Class = High Price and High Price+).
  15. Sofinancier: Synthesize Natural Yeast with Sunny Scent trait (Dawn Fur -> Cloth -> Crystal Ball -> Natural Yeast).
  16. Golt Aizen: Synthesize Ingot with Golden Radiance trait (Gold Puniball -> Alchemic Clay -> Neutralizer Y -> Zettel -> Ingot).
  17. God’s Gift: Investigate statue at end of Silent Bedroom in Moon Sun Moor.
  18. Flame of Origin: Plachta’s Memories: Reclaim Memories 10 (Take damage, deal damage).
  19. Fire Dragon Medicine: Obtain Dragon Bloodstone (Dropped by dragon type boss monsters and some other rumor monsters).

Mystery Recipes

  1. Philosopher Stone: Reach Alchemy Level 45.
  2. Time Control Hourglass: Investigate clock at Clock Shop.
  3. Living Cart: Synthesize Refuel Bottle with Auto Activate 50% effect (Neutralizer value >= 100).
  4. Dusk Drop: Defeat Yasuk and Durak.
  5. Crimson Stone: Defeat Magmacius (Dragon in Reverse Meeting Room at Fallen Palace).
  6. Mystery Elixir: Obtain a Dunkelheit (Forest of Fairies after buying Flower Blooming in Silence rumor).
  7. Ancient Cauldron: Obtain Ancient Cauldron (Chest in boss room at Library of All Creation. Only accessible after beating the final boss).
  8. Necromancer Flute: Talk to Evening Girl NPC at Nearby Forest (Night).
  9. Heaven’s Cleanser: Defeat Light Elemental.
  10. Flame of the End: Cancel 5 requests.
  11. Breezy Aroma: Investigate hill at Front of Atelier (Northwest corner).
  12. Sealing Book: Synthesize Codex of Creation with Steals Lots of Life effect (Zettel value >= 180).
  13. Hero’s Medicine: Investigate platform at the center of Blue Sky Altar at Fallen Palace.
  14. Harmonium: Obtain a Spirit Crystal (Scar of the Land after buying Crystal Blessed by Spirits rumor).
  15. Velvetis: Obtain a Rainbow Puni Fluid (Dropped by Super Puni at Sealed Temple).
  16. Ambrosia Garland: Defeat Dark Maiden at Prayerless Alter at Small Islet (after buying Maiden Full of Grudges rumor).
  17. Spirit Tears: Investigate small center island at Small Islet.
  18. Elixir Base: Gather 5 times at the Forest of Fairies OR battle a Kimmoch (Forest of Fairies) and let it use its Life Pollen skill.
  19. Element Guard: Use Sophie’s “Positive Release” Special Guard skill (300% defensive stance).
  20. Sun Drop: Story Related (Look for Sun Drops).
  21. Key of Truth: Story Related (Accept Trial from Plachta).
  22. Fertile Soil: Story Related (Look for Haze Grass Petals).
  23. Prototype Fertilizer: Story Related (Make the Item that Started Their Dream).

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