Apex Legends: Season 9 Teaser Guide (Keycard, Holospray, & Phone Location)

In this guide I will show you how to interact with the Holo-Sprays arround Olympus and King’s Canon.
(It seems like its a lot but i promise it is not)


Step 1: Get the Corrupted Keycard
To get the Keycard you need to open up a care package (Everypackage has 3 Corrupted Keycards). This may take more than one game since anyone wants the care package. This Keycard won’t stack in your inventory and you don’t need to win the game.
If you want to this fast consider picking Octane.

Step 2: Play the Phone Message
Once you are back to the lobby click the phone in the bottom right corner. This will play a message and invite you to find three Holo-Sprays on King’s Canyon and Olympus.

Step 3: Find the Holo-Sprays
This video will show you some Holo-Sprays both at King’s canon and Olympus.
Keep in mind there is a holo-spray at nearly every named point of interest.

(Is in Spanish but you only need to watch)

Step 4: Go to the Firing Range
Once you finish with the Holo-Sprays go to the Firing Range and go to the landing pack and interact with the green switch and enjoy whats coming.

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